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A Cuke Miscellaneous Presentation          

Jack Elias cuke link page

May You Be ready For the Bardos When They Come!

(To the tune of "She’ll be comin’ ‘round the mountain when she comes.")

May you be ready for the Bardos when they come! (2X)
May you be ready for the Bardos, (2X)
May you be ready for the Bardos when they come!

They’ll be shining 5 Bright Rays when they come! 

Maintain your Mindfulness when they come!

You’ll go straight to Dharmakaya if you do!

Identify with your chosen Deity if you don’t!

You’ll dance in Sambhogakaya if you do!

Remember Guru’s Grace if you don’t!

You’ll take birth as Nirmanakaya if you do!

We’ll see you in Samsara if you don’t!

It’s OK in any case if you don’t!

We’re held in Loving Embrace, Perfect Purity!

So, See! right now and here is Sukavati!

So, sing and dance in Bliss all the time!

Now dedicate the merit to all beings!

Thank you dear Heart Gurus everywhere!

We will follow your example exuberantly!

For as long as it takes, Heh! Ho! 

Written on September 9, 2007 by Jack Elias, Seattle, WA. Inspired by Andrew Holecek’s presentation of the Great Bardo Teachings.

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