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Eric arrived at the SFZC City Center in 1970 and practiced there till 1984. He felt the most affinity with Silas Hoadley whom he met when he first came. Eric studied blacksmithing and sculpting with Alex Weygers in Carmel Valley, worked with chainsaw scuoptor JB Blunk, and was a close student of Yurok Shaman Harry Roberts.

“Dr. Larsen is a Research Scientist Emeritus, Human Ecology Department, UC Davis, who has been involved in research and publication at UC Davis for over 20 years, and has held positions in the Departments of Civil Engineering, Geology, and Human Ecology.” - from the University of California, Davis

“Eric Larsen Dance and Studio la Mer are devoted to investigating the nature of ‘mind,’ where mind is not limited to the human brain; nor is mind limited to animate or even to inanimate beings. Mind is the stars, the clouds, as well as beer cans and nuclear waste. Eric Larsen Dance and Studio la Mer explore, investigate, and realize this ‘mind’ though dance.” - from Eric Larsen Dance

YouTube Videos

Dances with Ashes

Eric writes:

There are as many types of butoh as there are artists who do it.

This is a bit of a documentary, featuring two friends and teachers of mine, Kayo and Yukio Mikami, mostly filmed at their house/studio/stage in Oiso, on the coast.

Coincidentally, this is the town where RH Blythe lived the last years of his life.

Kayo danced with Hijikata; Yukio is really a director and producer. They are married. Their son, Taro produced this film.

A girl by Tatsumi Hijikata, who was one of the founders of

Eric Larsen, Ph.D.
Research Scientist Emeritus
Department of Human Ecology
University of California Davis, California. 95616 

Sacramento River: Lifeblood of California, a film by Eric Larsen and Chris Harvey  (15 minutes)

Below is a sculpture Eric made in memory of Chris Pirsig a day or two after Chris died.