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Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore's Soul dot com

I have been most fortunate to have become acquainted with Thomas Moore and his writings. He's written more books than I've read. He has a sun-faced buddha, moon-faced buddha approach which means he is a man for all seasons as a man with a homonymious name was dubbed. And he would never have burned the memoires of Lord Byron as a man with the same name did. And thus he cares for the whole.

Statement of his support for Cuke Archives on the Dana 2020 page

Four Questions from Thomas Moore evaded by DC

Tom is acknowledged as one of those who advised which vignettes to use for Zen Is Right Now back when it was called To Shine One Corner of the World.

Wikipedia page for Thomas Moore - gosh, he was at SMU for some time. Must ask him if he knew Fred Streng who wrote Emptiness. Rubin Habito is there maybe still. - dc

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