Gail Mueller Memorial Page

Gail in 1975 cut from larger photo


5-06-2015 - Beverly Morris Armstrong [Horowitz] writes:


With sadness letting you know that Gail Mueller died this morning in Hawaii. She was my dear friend--going back to Zen Center San Francisco days. She lived fully as herself--joy and screwball enthusiasm--for almost a year past doctors' predictions of her death. She continued to have full confidence in all our teachers and the path. Charles HoyGrace Morgan, and others have also posted. People who know and remember her may send condolences to Quinn Mueller, her son, on Facebook and at GOFUNDME.COM. She was pronounced "terminal" almost a year ago by doctors but outlived their predictions fully and with joy, the way she always lived. Keep her in your heart and prayers, she isn't far away--I can feel her waving and smiling.  [All those links except for gofundme are Facebook pages. Photos of Gail from Quinn's or the other Facebook sites.]


Brigid Meier remembers Gail - with photos sent by Beverly Armstrong - Brigid cuke page


Also posted with some more of Beverly's photos at The Chronicles project of Chogyam Trungpa Rimpoche.



Haven't seen Gail in a long time but looking at the photo above and below I remember her definitely fondly, warmly, and for a while a little sadly. - dc






Love Returns - poems by Gail Mueller


put together by her old friend Brigid Meier



Gail recently in hospice with her devoted son Quinn who did the GoFundMe page for Gail featured on cuke a few times in the past year.

Below is a page from the Tassajara 25 Year Book for the spring 1970 practice period group photo after the shuso ceremony. G. Mueller is listed as a garden digger near the bottom left of the names. She should be in it. One person behind Bonnie Miller is hidden. I'm worried that's Gail. Can you identify Gail? If so email dchad at cuke dot com and let me know please. Larger crops of names and group photo below. There might be another photo of her in that book somewhere or in the photo gallery of And there are photos at ZC that could be gone through. Or maybe someone has some other good ones. - dc.




The names bigger

The Photo Larger

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