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A Love Letter by Nanao Sakaki

12-03-14 - Nanao Sakaki and Allen Ginsberg on KGNU Boulder 1982

2-04-14 - Byron Black wrote about Nanao Sakaki.

5-04-13 - How to Live on the Planet Earth: A Celebration of Nanao Sakaki

Fri May 10 2013   7:00 PM 
McRoskey Mattress Company  1687 Market St., San Francisco

Here's a page for the late Nanao's new poetry collection on the Poems from the Gulf of Maine blog.

12-03-12 - How To Live on the Planet Earth
Collected Poems of Nanao Sakaki
foreword by Gary Snyder
edited by Gary Lawless
Blackberry Books
Nobleboro, Maine
Jan. 1, 2013
304 pages
$16.95 paperback

Read about it on Ginsberg Project

9-24-12 - Remembering Nanao Sakaki - thanks Andrew Main (who mentioned that the recent Kishizawa story triggered memory of Nanao)

Sakaki, Nanao has three poetry books listed on

(his page there including other books he's in) :

Let's Eat Stars, Break the Mirror: the Poems of Nanao Sakaki (with illustrations by Gary Snyder)- out of print, and Real Play: Poetry and Drama (Tooth of Times) - out of print. He translated poems by Issa Kobayashi and that book is called Inch by Inch: 45 Poems by Issa (La Alameda). There's a book by Gary Lawless with many contributions from various people on Nanao called Nanao or Never: Nanao Sakaki Walks Earth A. I don't understand the "Earth A" part but the title gave me the idea for the title of this piece. These books are published by Blackberry except the two otherwise noted. See Interview with Nanao Sakaki, godfather of Japanese Hippies.