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A Love Letter by Nanao Sakaki

Nanao Sakaki link page

Joan Amaral sent this on July 22, 2009 11:52 AM

A Love Letter by Nanao Sakaki


Within a circle of one meter

You sit, pray and sing.


Within a shelter ten meters large

You sleep well, rain sounds a lullaby.


Within a field a hundred meters large

Grow rice and raise goats.


Within a valley a thousand meters large

Gather firewood, water, wild vegetables and Amanitas.


Within a forest ten kilometers large

Play with raccoons, hawks, poison snakes and butterflies.


Mountainous country Shinano

A hundred kilometers large

Where someone lives leisurely, they say.


Within a circle ten thousand kilometers large

Walking somewhere on the earth.


Within a circle one hundred thousand kilometers large

Swimming in the sea of shooting stars.


Within a circle a million kilometers large

Upon the spaced-out yellow mustard blossoms

The moon in the east, the sun in the west.


Within a circle ten billion kilometers large

Pop far out of the solar system mandala.


Within a circle ten thousand light years large

The Galaxy full blooming in summer.


Within a circle one billion light years large

Andromeda is melting away into snowing cherry flowers.


Now within a circle ten billion light years large

All thoughts of time, space are burnt away.

There again you sit, pray and sing.

You sit, pray and sing.

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