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Jane and Peter Schneider

Interviews Peter and Jane Schneider

MEMORIES OF SUZUKI Roshi FROM WIND BELL AND DC FILES - #35 - Jane Schneider and Peter Schneider

Peter and Jane Schneider are teaching at the Beginner's Mind Zen Center in Northridge, Los Angeles.

9-04-14 - An intro to Beginner's Mind Zen Center - in Northridge, LA (CA) - teachers Peter and Jane Schneider - from the SFZC Sangha News.

Peter Schneider was Zen Center's first historian. Look at Peter's Interviews with Shunryu Suzuki with Shunryu Suzuki in 1969. When Suzuki was dying, Peter conducted interviews with the Suzuki family and godfather of his temple in Japan, Amano with the assistance of Carl and Fumiko Bielefeldt and Jane. Later this same group did more interviews in Japan - go to interviews and look on the right side to those done with Japanese. The ones Peter and Jane are involved are indicated by three asterisks. ***. - DC

9-05-14 - Remembering Suzuki Roshi - A talk given by Rev. Edward Brown, Rev. Peter Schneider, and Rev. Les Kaye in honor of the 50th anniversary of Suzuki Roshi's arrival in America, on Saturday, May 23, 2009, at City Center. (from the SFZC site)

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