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People in, a hub of sorts - started 4-13-11

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Les Kaye (and Mary too)

Kannondo - the Zen group Les where Les is abbot

Interviews with Les Kaye

Interview with Les Kaye on Zen in Business dot com

Dharma Web interview with Les

Sweeping Zen interview with Les

Kannon Do Zen Meditation Center

A brief memory of Shunryu Suzuki from Les

Brief interview with Les by DC plus comments in Interviews from which a Brief Memory of Shunryu Suzukiis taken

Les Kaye asks a question about the same story - in Comments

Mary Kaye on Suzuki the thief - in Brief Memories,

9-05-14 - Remembering Suzuki Roshi - A talk given by Rev. Edward Brown, Rev. Peter Schneider, and Rev. Les Kaye in honor of the 50th anniversary of Suzuki Roshi's arrival in America, on Saturday, May 23, 2009, at City Center. (from the SFZC site)

Books by Les Kaye

Joyously Through the Days: Living the Journey of Spiritual Practice with a forward by Huston Smith - Wisdom Publications link  [Amazon Link]


work.gif (114087 bytes)Kaye, Les. Zen at Work: a Zen Teacher's 30-Year Journey in Corporate America. Crown, 1996.
[Les has been a priest at the Los Altos Zendo since Suzuki ordained him in 1971 and for many years he combined his priest practice there with his job at IBM.]
Amazon link

And of course there are mp3s and videos of Les on the Internet. Go find 'em.

now, with his own People page, Les is more.



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