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Bill is mentioned in this bit about ants

Bill's Tassajara Food Trip cookbook

Bill's Tassajara Diary

Bill is in the film Zen in America. Here he is excerpted from that film. (M4v video link) Here's a link to a page for the film. Find Bill in the stills.

Notes on Shunryu Suzuki taken while interviewing Hoitsu Suzuki at Rinsoin in 1972. And one photo page (clearer version of photo here).

Soy Info Center - Bill Shurtleff's life work, bigger than the universe.

Bill writes (11-16): Since about 2006 I have been publishing books about soyfoods and the history of soy and publishing them, free of charge on Google Books. A complete list, with the most recent one first, is at a dropdown at the upper right of the home page of Soy Info Center.

Check out his History of Erewon on the Free Online Books page.

Real books by Bill and Akiko Aoyagi on Tofu, Miso, Tempeh, soy - he told me fifteen years ago or so he'd done 20 books so this is the most popular.

Here's another of many books on Soy Products published by Bill and his Soy Institute:


Interview with Bill and Akiko in Mother Earth News (1977)

Articles by Bill in Mother Earth News



Bill writes about working with Albert Schweitzer in Gabon

Bill made the Shunryu Suzuki Lineage chart below while in Japan in the early 70s, likely when he was staying at Suzuki's temple, Rinsoin. Suzuki was not a dharma heir of Ian Kishizawa but of Gyokujun So-on who he called his master so this isn't what we usually think of as his lineage. He said he got his character from So-on and his understanding from Kishizawa who was his teacher at Eiheiji then at Kishizawa's temple near Suzuki's Rinsoin for over two decades. Ian Kishizawa actually was not a dharma heir of Oka Sotan but of Bokuzan Nishiari. So maybe we could say this is the lineage of Suzuki's and Kishizawa's understanding. Shunryu Suzuki also spoke of Oka Sotan as the teacher of all the modern teachers. But lineage is from the root teacher. See page for Oka Sotan for more on this. Bill's romanization "si" where "shi" is normally written. He's got Iyan whereas Ian is the modern way. That's an old style that some Japanese still use. Seems to me this chart might have come from a discussion with Suzuki's son Hoitsu. Also, Bill uses the correct Japanese name order of family name first and I tend to use the Western style. - dc

Shunryu Suzuki Ancestors and Heirs page

Below - Bill with unnamed person in Japan - 70s