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Sotan Ryosen Tatsugami

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Photo above from Peter Schneider's Shuso Ceremony, spring 1971 from Betty Warren's photos - more below

Sotan Tatsugami in Crooked Cucumber\

Three lectures by Sotan Tatsugami - Stanford version - featuring comments on Dogen's Fukanzazengi and more.

Fukanzazengi translation by Carl Bielefeldt

Photos of Peter Schneider's 1971 Shuso Ceremony

Couple of photos here.

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Use search in to see 14 lectures with mention of Tatsugami - two excerpts from which mention him from Wind Bells below, one of which is most telling.

Tatsugami in the Tassajara 25 Year Book, Wind Bells, and photo archive below.

Jerry Halpern on Tatsugami.

Tatsugami Roshi in his first training periods at Tassajara lectured on the Fukanzazengi. He introduced the regular evening recitation of it to Tassajara. I associate him particularly with the Fukanzazengi, though at Tassajara he introduced a number of other basic Soto monastic texts and forms.

My recollection of Tatsugami Roshi's final departure from Tassajara is this: It occurred, purposely, I believe, toward the beginning of the sitting before lunch.  Quiet. All in order.  The "students" in their places; in the zendo; practicing zazen.

Just after Tatsugami Roshi left the zendo to depart from Tassajara, the Ino, Jane Westberg [Schneider], from the dais where she sat, asked everyone to get up and give him an enthusiastic send off.  Only three or four of us, including myself and Frances Thompson continued to sit.

Jerry Halpern

Also from Jerry -

My  recollection of an encounter with Tatsugami Roshi at shosan. I am mentioning it to you in praise  of Tatsugami.  I do not think he was given proper appreciation at the January, 2008 reunion at Page Street of Tassajara practitioners from 1967-1992. - Jerry


Jerry:  When speaking is only noise, and not speaking is only silence,

           When acting is only confusion, and not acting misses the opportunity,

           What then?


Tatsugami Roshi:

           You have strong attachments.  Do not be so attached and you will see what it is.


His response (slowed slightly by the need for interpretation) was immediate.

“Seeing the rabbit, he looses the falcon”


Tatsugami in the Tassajara 25 Year Book












Tatsugami in the Wind Bells (and the 25 Year Book above)


Winter 1970















Spring 1988

P27 - Mel Weitsman lecture



Spring 1992




Mel Weitsman lecture



Summer 1994


P6 - Shunryu Suzuki lecture January 1o, 1971



Spring Summer 2000




Tatsugami in photo archive - click on file name for more info

SR0054 Tatsuaami Sotan Ryosen + Grahame Petchey + Phillip Wilson at Eihei-ji 


SR0133 Tassajara teachers and officers L to R: Paul Discoe, Jane Westberg (Schneider), Shunryu Suzuki, Peter Schneider, Sotan Tatsugam, Dan Welch, Ryogen Yoshimura, Francis Thompson, Niels Holm, Margret Kress.


SR0069 Shunryu Suzuki mountain seat ceremony. SFZC, Page Street SR on left in white, Sotan Tatsugami in fancy robes, Claude Dalenberg standing, Katagiri seated to his right


SR0090 Day of Mel Weitsman's shuso ceremony at Tassajara


SR0346 City Center ceremony

From Betty Warren's photos



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