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Photographs by Isago Isao Tanaka given to Claude Dalenberg in 2005 through Jerry Bolick of the Buddhist Book Store.

The San Francisco Zen Center's City Center on Page Street

Shunryu Suzuki with visiting Japanese scholar and Korean priest (Rev. Ogui knows)

Dainin Katagiri, Daigyo Moriyam, Shunryu Suzuki, Sotan Tatsugami (from front to rear)

Densho bell at top of stairs outside zendo at Sokoji

Suzuki and Tatsugami at Page Street ceremony in the Buddha Hall. Moriyama, Claude Dalenberg, Katagiri in front row.

Sotan Tatsugami standing in ceremony.

Gary Snyder (will check on who the woman is)

Allen Ginsberg

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