Barbara Lubanski Wenger

Babs Massive Photo Album (tip of iceberg)

Barbara Wenger is a community organizer, artist, and photographer. She has an archive of 70,000 photos she wants to archive. Her photos are all over,, and the Wind Bell and other printed matter from the SFZC.

Cuke Podcast with Michael and Barbara Wenger 🔊

Barbara's Facebook page

SF Women Artists page for Barbara Lubanski Wenger

Wind Bell 96-2 Summer - On the Zafu, Off the Zafu, Out of the Door by Barbara Wenger pp. 20-27
Zen Center Loses a Giant Friend by Barbara Wenger pp32-33 (the rubber tree!)


Barbara Wenger's Community Garden and Koshland Park History in the SFZC City Center neighborhood. 

Yvonne Rand interviewed by Barbara in a Wind Bell

Western Addition Peace wall



Issan Dorsey, Barbara Wenger, and Philip Whalen

Barbara Wenger with Della Goertz, 1980.

Notes by Barbara Wenger on Interview with Betty Warren and Della Goertz

A note on - 5-14-08 - Congratulations to Barbara Wenger, honored recently as founder of Hayes Valley Neighborhood Parks Group. Thanks Lane Olson for the tip. And I saw Barbara right afterwards in her own home and she didn't even mention it. I was there meeting with her hubby, Michael Wenger, about the Shunryu Suzuki lecture archive.