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Photo of Shunryu Suzuki taken by Rowena (Leary) Pattee Kryder - The original color and an uncropped black and white.



Roweena (Leary) Pattee is the person responsible for the color photo of Suzuki Roshi that you see everywhere at SFZC (and for sale in the bookstore). My husband James and I visited her at her home in the East Bay sometime in the early 70s—probably 1973-74, and at that time she showed us this photo she had taken. We convinced her to let us have a copy, and later she allowed us to give it to SFZC. It is important to remember that she is the source of the best color photo of Suzuki Roshi that we have (as far as I know). - Layla Bockhorst Smith - 8-14-14

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