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On July 26, 2002, in Switzerland, Kobun Chino Roshi drowned while trying to save his daughter Maya who also drowned. 

Kobun, as so many of us called him, arrived in San Francisco Bay area from Japan by boat on June 19th of 1967. He came at the request of the Los Altos Zendo where he was to be a priest in residence assisting Suzuki Roshi, but Tassajara was just getting into the first practice period, he went to Tassajara where he stayed for a couple of years helping us with every aspect of starting up our baby monastery. Kobun had been of great assistance to Suzuki's students who went to Eiheiji, Soto Zen's great monastery in the mountains north of Kyoto and South of the Japan Sea. Jean Ross, Grahame Petchey, and Philip Whalen each had a close relationship with him there in the early sixties. Eventually Kobun did move to Los Altos to be with that sangha, but only after going back to Japan first and then accepting their request to return to be their priest. Later he moved to Taos where he founded the Taos Zendo. In recent years he has been associated with Jikoji near Los Gatos between San Jose and San Francisco. He had just moved to Boulder where he had joined the teaching staff at Naropa. He was in Switzerland with his wife Katrina and three children visiting his dharma heir Vanya Palmers in Luzern. All this is just off the top of my head. I'll make corrections and additions as I get them. Kobun was loved by all and he will be missed. - DC 

Our Great Friend and Teacher Kobun Chino by DC

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