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Kobun Chino Otogawa Roshi
February 1, 1938 - July 26, 2002

On July 26, 2002, in Switzerland, Kobun Chino Otagawa Roshi drowned while trying to save his daughter Maya who also drowned. - gratefully remembering Kobun Chino

Video with Kobun from ZMC film (3 places in context or one video with just his parts) on cuke video and easier to watch on Youtube.

2-10-14 - Our Great Friend and Teacher Kobun Chino - by DC

July 1, 2013 - Kobun Chino's Stupa Opening

Kobun on Wikipedia

Taido Chino's Square Pegs site with much on his father, Kobun.

12-01-10 - A Light in the Mind – Kobun Chino Roshi as remembered by Carolyn Atkinson - the final chapter in her book A Light in the Mind: Living Your Life Just As It Is  (Amazon link) - thanks HK

3-07-11 - Kobun remembers Shunryu Suzuki

1/25/03 - An article by Carol Gallup on Kobun, originally published in The Dot, The Quarterly Newspaper of the International Shambhala Mandala.

A note from John Steiner on Kobun Chino with an announcement of an exhibit of his Calligraphy in Boulder.

An appeal for funds for Kobun's family from Vanja Palmers.

On Kobun and Maya's funeral - David Schneider

On Kobun's passing - DC

Jikoji Home Page with information on their memorial services for Kobun.

A Shambhala Announcement

In Memoriam Poem and comments - William P. Benz

From Haiku Zendo Chronicles - this link goes to the section on Kobun Chino, but he is mentioned earlier in the introduction of this history of the Haiku Zendo in Los Altos.

A story from Rick Fields

8-04-13 - Remember standing with Kobun Chino in 68 at Tassajara during the great visit - looking at the visitors. He pointed to Shunryu Suzuki and said that here's an example of a great Soto teacher. He indicated Hakuun Yasutani and said that there's an example of a great Rinzai teacher He was really Soto but had that fierce Rinzai style and taught with koans. He didn't say "great" either. He used a word or phrase to mean matured, well cultivated. Can't quite get it. Maybe well developed. Anyway, then he pointed to Nakagawa Soen and said, "And there - ahhh - too much personality." At other times i remember asking him what about Soen first.  - dc Posting in DC on SR etc

2-22-13 - Remembering Kobun is a book about Kobun Chino Otogawa that became available last year on a limited basis. I didn't mention it then I guess because I was trying to figure out how to get it and also there was immediate talk of doing another edition with some additions and corrections.

Here's a page for it on the Jikoji site that lists some of the sources. A number of really good links here too. There's mention on that page of sending at least $20 for the book to help compensate Vanja Palmers for it's production but there's nothing about how to get it. It's not listed on Amazon. Here's the Jikoji home page so you can get hold of them to get the book.

When I search for "Remembering Kobun" the Gratefully Remembering Kobun Sama site comes up with German and English sections and links to other memories that are also found on that page or at this site's extensive Kobun section.

I plan to edit my contribution to Remembering Kobun today, get it to Vanja for the next printing, and post it soon. - dc [Did that - it's at the top of this page.]

7-23-12 - Kobun Otogawa Roshi Memorial Sesshin and Celebration

This sesshin, led by Vanja Palmer, honors the 10th anniversary of Kobun's passing.  It begins Wednesday evening after a social dinner at 6 pm, through Saturday and leading to a day-long celebration on Sunday -- see the links above for details, or visit Jikoji's web site.

1/20/03 - CD to benefit the late Kobun Chino's children.

8/23/02 - There will be a memorial service for Kobun Chino Roshi at Jikoji near Los Gatos, CA, on Sunday, August 25th, at 11:00 A.M. Jikoji is located off Hgwy 35, 1.8 miles north of Hgwy 9 on Ward Road. Many will attend. 

Google Links to "Kobun Chino Otagawa" - got this off Bill Benz's poem page by hitting a link that said "Seeing Kobun." If you search for just "Kobun Chino" or just "Kobun" you'll get many more links.

You can search this site for references to Kobun Chino by entering "Kobun" or "Chino" in Google and hitting "search site" if you have Google installed as a toolbar which I find very useful. And it can be put on and off with the flick of a key. You can also do this in regular Google without having the toolbar by hitting "advanced seach." There are too many brief references for me to track them down. - DC

Kobun and Steve Jobs and Zen


9-11-14 - The Zen of Steve Jobs, Kobun Chino Otogawa and Japan - thanks Gregory MacNaughton who sent it as part of a discussion with Reed Zen alumni.


DC responded: I don't know about Jobs sitting at the SFZC zendo, rather the Los Altos zendo. All I know about Jobs and Tassajara is that Kobun brought him there one day to show it to him. I mention more about Jobs and Kobun in a piece I wrote that's at the top of the Kobun page. If anyone knows more, please let me know.


9-12-14 - John Sheehy (who's researching Reed/Zen/Lloyd Renolds) wrote the following after reading yesterday's post from Gregory MacNaughton on Kobun Chino and Steve Jobs and DC's piece on Kobun - some interesting stuff here - dc


Thanks for the link [to this page] (and Greg too ). A great write up. I especially loved the story told by Rick Fields, a dear old friend.


I've interviewed Daniel Kottke '76 about his adventures with Jobs around Reed, SFZC, and India (now on file in Reed archives--and we will eventually provide these interviews to I hope). He denies much of what Isaacson wrote in his bio of Jobs about his practice of Zen while at Reed. They weren't meditating, but rather reading numerous spiritual books (most prominently "Be Here Now," although Steve's favorite was "Zen Mind, Beginners Mind").  Also he said that their trips together to Tassajara in the mid-70s were for the baths; and to Green Gulch once only to tour the gardens. They did not sit at SFZC. Only Los Altos.


I've also read Caleb Melby's cartoon book, The Zen of Steve Jobs, which goes into great detail about Steve's relationship to Kobun (especially regarding calligraphy). I'm trying to get in touch with Melby. It's not clear how much of his account is fictitious, and how much is based on interviews. He depicts Steve meeting Suzuki Roshi at the Los Altos zendo while a high school student in 1970, and rejecting him, responding later more to Kobun's style.


I would like to find people who had more knowledge of Steve's relationship with Kobun Chino, especially around the calligraphy and sumi painting.

What Kind of Buddhist was Steve Jobs, Really? - Most interesting from Steve Silberman, but the Tassajara connection doesn't ring a bell. If you have any memories of this please write. - posted that a couple of years ago (2-15-12). - DC

The Zen of “The Zen of Steve Jobs” - Adding yet another to the on the Kobun page in the Kobun-Jobs-Zen area


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