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Kobun Chino's Stupa Opening

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David Schneider reports


1 July 13 - it was almost exactly 11 years ago that I fielded a call with news of Kobun's and Maya's death up in Engelberg [Germany]. My teacher, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche asked that I attend the funeral in an official capacity


Yesterday I attended the opening of the Stupa, in a mixed official-personal capacity I told Vanja Palmers - the main one of Kobun's dharma heirs - that I was there as a friend, but also representing Shambhala and the Sakyong.  


Along with the chip incense we all offered during the ceremony, I offered on our behalf a long, good kata [white cloth offering]. Maybe you can see it in the picture. 


The third picture shows the little pond—not deep, and not cold—where Kobun & Maya unbelievably drowned. 


The spot where their bodies lay until the funeral—dry ground 11 years ago—is marked with the pile of rocks.)


A much more pleasant event than the funeral ceremony, this one was of course still poignant.


About 40 people attended, including many ordained and senior disciples of Kobun's.


The core was a simple ceremony of offerings, and chanting the Heart Sutra quite a number of times, with extensive dedications of merit. 


Then followed a fulsome reception. 


From America, the man running the Boulder zendo Martin Mosko—now called Hakubai Zenji—was in attendance, as was a very nice guy who'd lived with Kobun for 10 years in Taos, called Ian Forsberg.


For those who wanted to watch, films of Kobun were shown: one of him doing calligraphy in Boulder, and one of him giving a surrealistically slow, spacey talk, in the Austrian Alps.


The whole event took place during a break in the rainy cool Swiss weather. 


I don't know what we'd done if it had continued raining - probably we'd have done the ceremony in the rain, fancy robes and all.

It felt to me that, whatever sadness remains, and it definitely does, this chapter has been properly closed.