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                For Niels



Our Danish Prince.  Our Prince Gautama.

Better than the ones in the books.


So much more fun, and funnier, too.

In the flesh, here and now, alive

and bigger than life, with a smile

to light up the world, and a laugh

to melt its heart and heal its soul. 


Passion powerful enough to swallow every

inhibition, and compassion sweet enough

to redeem desire and take it dancing,

embraced and turning to the music,

tangoing, in tune, and full of grace.


Ours, and way too much for any one way,

not enough for anyone and just enough--

to raise a son and paint a masterpiece,

sit still and build a city on a hill, love

the dearly beloved and create community.


Ours, across all kinds of lines and oceans,

without us and within us, world without end. 








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