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A poem we recite for the Burmese today - 10-06-07 ...and for the Iraqies... and the Somalies... and the folks in New Orleans... and all people... and all animals... and all beings in the six realms and any other realms in the ten directions and any other directions... to the furthest reaches of the known universe... and the unknown.

Burma Crisis info and action page


This bronze Tara this bronze lady

Represents that Lady of Heaven I now invoke,

That idea of wisdom that saves more than itself or me

All the universes,

Enlighten us! We murder each other in this night our eyes

won’t tell us anything but fear

All the universes all the probability tracks


Her hands form the mudra "Teaching the Law"

Explaining herself.

She also appears as a song, a diagram,

As a pile of metal images in the market, Katmandhu

We seldom treat ourselves right.



Philip Whalen

Phillip Whalen link page

Thanks to CF in Bend who sends this poem and writes:

Here is a copy of Philip's invocation of Tara. Tara is the deity who responds swiftly and immediately to the needs of the world. Why not post it as a prayer for the people and monks of Burma? It couldn't hurt to have all the people who read cuke, also read Philip's invocation. One never knows what benefit prayers may create.

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