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Sangha News      

Photos of the Horse Pasture

Monterey Peninsula Herald Article   More on purchase of Horse Pasture 

Wilderness Land Trust Interview with Robert Beck

Photos of the Horse Pasture adjoining Tassajara Springs' property in the Ventana Wilderness, Los Padres National Forest

Thanks to Nicole Nedeff of The Wilderness Land Trust for these wonderful images and for the map with the inholdings around Tassajara. - DC

                               Inholdings in the Tassajara Area.
The Pines in the area marked Zen above Tassajara inholding. The one marked Beck is the Horse Pasture. Church Creek Ranch is Caves in the upper left. Yes they have a swimming pool but so does Tassajara which isn't marked.

Map below from from a Brief History of Tassajara made from Marilyn McDonald's scrapbook.