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Date: Aug 7, 2005 15:45:42 -0600                    Sangha News
Subject: Zazen Weekend/Website
From: Crestone Mountain Zen Center <>

Dear Friends,

We would like to remind you of and invite you to our Autumn Weekend Sittings
(see details below). Please also check out our newly designed website at...

We will hold 1-day sitting retreats on the first weekends of September,
October, and November. These Weekend Sittings are suited for practitioners
who have a regular zazen practice and wish to deepen their experience
through extended periods of sitting meditation, and formal meal practice
(oryoki). After dinner on Friday evening there will be oryoki instruction
and a general orientation for new students. The Saturday schedule is
dedicated to zazen for most of the day, including oryoki meals, and an
afternoon Dharma talk. Silence is observed all day Saturday. After morning
zazen on Sunday we end the weekend with an informal brunch.

The cost for the weekend including accomodation and meals is $100.00.

We are looking forward to practicing with you.

Warm regards,

Christian Dillo Director

Crestone Mountain Zen Center P.O. Box 130 Crestone, CO 81131 phone:
719.256.4692 fax: 719.256.4691
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