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Interview with Lou and Blanche

Lou Hartman, Shuun Mitsuzen
(June 2, 1915 - January 20, 2011)

Article from SF Chron on Lou

SFZC memorial page for Lou

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Funeral Service: Sunday, March 13 at 2:00pm.
Location: City Center

Visit The Great Leap, San Francisco Zen Center’s Sangha Memorial website, to see and post remembrances, reflections, and photographs.

1-21-11 - Lou Harman died yesterday.

Joan Amarol wrote on 1-20 - lou died at 3:42 this afternoon. blanche was right there with him. he was surrounded by his family, with sangha members sitting close by. at his request we immediately performed a precept renewal ceremony. his body will remain at zen hospice until sunday. sitting times are 9am-9pm. you can also check the zen center facebook page for updates.

at 7:30 tonight we'll hold a ceremony in the buddha hall at city center with sojun mel weitsman officiating. we'll recite the heart sutra and daihi shin dharani to help lou on his way. tomorrow morning's service will also be dedicated to lou.

1-21-11 - Joan Amaral on people sitting with Lou Hartman

blanche is inviting us to sit with lou from this moment until he goes, which appears to be approaching today, tonight or possibly tomorrow. there are zafus and chairs in his room, and if we start to overflow, some of us can sit downstairs in the big room.
please do not be concerned if you are not able to come. you are participating fully by holding both blanche and lou in your heart, and blanche also suggests that you could "do a little chanting."

1-19-11 - Joan Amaral  sends word on Lou Hartman's condition

blanche and lou's children, grandchildren, and their beautiful great-granddaughter were here over the weekend. now lou is going inward. blanche is with him constantly and she feels it's now a time for them to be alone.
the sangha will be chanting the enmei jukku kannon gyo every morning at 8:45 for anyone who would like to join us in the buddha hall at city center or in your own place.
blanche will chant ryaku fusatsu immediately at the time of lou's death and would like to let you know in case you are close by and would like to participate.

Two messages to Lou Hartman from India read at his funeral - from Shindo Gita Gayatri and DC

Dear Lou,

Like a fawn
Looking outside,
following the fragrance,
Searching for the musk...
That lay hidden all
the while within the fawn itself,
so you return to
the source
descending into the dusk
of life after journeying
through a complete
cycle of life itself....

Thank you for
being a finger pointing to the moon.


Shindo Gayatri


Lou - You were a humble and sincere man on the path. All of us will miss you - including the dishes . Thanks for staying around so long. Bon voyage. - David Chadwick

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