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3-19-11 - The following message went out from SFZC abbot Steve Stucky to the SFZC mailing list  on the Japan disasters and how one might help.

I'm sure that you are aware of the devastation in Japan following the powerful earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear radiation combined disaster, and may be wondering how you can help.

One way is to respond to a request from Daigaku Rummé, the director of the Soto Zen Buddhism North American office, with donations by check payable to "Association of Soto Zen Buddhists" specifiying "Japan Earthquake Relief" mailed to the following address:

Japan Earthquake Disaster Fund
Soto Zen Buddhism North American Office
123 S. Hewitt Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

SFZC has close relations with many friends and, of course, has institutional connections with Soto Zen in Japan. We all want to come to their aid in this time of immense difficulty. I have inserted my message of sympathy and support below.

Please help in any way that you can.

Sincerely yours, in the Dharma,

Abbot Myo-gen Steve Stücky

Dear Daigaku,

The Abbots, staff, and residents of San Francisco Zen Center's three temples are following reports of the Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear disaster that is so harmful to many of our close friends and to the whole nation of Japan. I've been asked to formally express sympathy from all our sangha to all those suffering from this terribly tragic disaster. We are including all those people who died in our memorial services and chant En Mei Jukku Kannon Gyo twenty-one times daily for the well-being of all those who are surviving and grieving.

We are sending a donation to the Association of Soto Zen Buddhists marked for distribution for Japan Earthquake Relief as you suggest, and are sending an email to all of our members suggesting that they also make individual contributions according to ability. We realize that this immediate trauma will be followed by weeks, months, and years of effort and expense to recover and rebuild, and we vow to continue keeping the well-fare of our good friends in Japan, especially the Soto Zen sanghas alive in our hearts and minds over the times to come. With gratitude to your Association for organizing support, we again offer our sympathy to all those harmed or affected in any way.

With deep gassho,

Myo-gen Steve Stücky
Central Abbot, San Francisco Zen Center

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