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Straight out of - here is their announcement of the SR birthday bash (DC's name for it). Come out of the woodworks and say hi!             Report on the event by DC

Come Celebrate!

Shunryu Suzukiís 100th Birthday/Zen Center Reunion/Meeting of Groups in Suzuki Roshiís Lineage. - will get a scan of the actual invite up here soon as I can. - DC, 6-18-07.  See Donnie Deangelo's story about the photo.

On May 21-23 we will host a celebration for Suzuki Roshi's 100th birthday (which is May 18th). This will also be the occasion for a reunion of those who have practiced at Zen Center. On the afternoon of the 23rd, there will be a gathering of representatives from groups in Suzuki Roshiís lineage. Hoitsu Suzuki, son of Zen Centerís founder, will join us from Japan.

The tentative schedule is as follows:

Friday, May 21
6:30-9:00: reception with refreshments at 300 Page Street.
7:00-9:00: Suzuki Roshi calligraphy and memorabilia, photographic exhibit of Zen Center (1959-2003) and videos of Suzuki Roshi at 308 Page Street

Saturday, May 22
6:30 am: Zazen (in the zendo and Buddha Hall)
7:15 am: Service
7:45 am: Soji (temple cleaning)
8:05 am: Breakfast
10:15 am: Lecture by Hoitsu Suzuki
11:00 am: Discussion, Q & A
12:00 pm: Lunch
2:15 pm: Suzuki Roshi birthday ceremony
7:30 pm: Skit night at Green Gulch Farm--skits from all generations throughout the history of Zen Center

Sunday, May 23
10:15 am Suzuki disciples tell brief stories or just say whatever they want at Green Gulch farm followed by tea and discussion period.
2:00 pm: Sokoji Temple - Tea and Tour
4:00 pm: Meeting of representatives of groups in Suzuki Roshiís lineage - [I don't think that happened - I didn't hear anything about it but I don't go to stuff like that anyway. - DC] [Yes it did happen. See email at the end of my Report on the event.]

$100 suggested donation includes reception, Saturday breakfast and lunch, a long-sleeve pullover with Suzuki Roshi calligraphy, and a commemorative book.

It will be very helpful to us to know how many of you are coming for this event. For more information or to RSVP, please contact Jeffrey Schneider at 415-255-6534 or at

We will try to coordinate housing for those coming in from out of town. So, if you will need housing or can offer it, please let us know. Please let us know as well what years you were at Zen Center and we will try to have you housed with those of similar years.

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