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9-25-07 onward - Taigen's contributions included on the Burma report page.

9-25-2006 - DAN ELLSBERG to speak Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2006, 12:30 pm; Weekly  -  Anti-Torture Teach-in/ Vigil at UC Berkeley Boalt Hall Law School

1-20-06 - A hopeful response to Lovelock's pessimistic view from Taigen.

3-17-05 - Note from DC: I get so many good, timely, interesting, newsworthy emails from Taigen of a political nature, generally about one a day, and I've put some links here to some his recent ones. If you want more, just email Taigen at and ask to be on his list. Here are most of Taigen's recent postings. It's a little too time consuming to put these up when I've got so much other vital work like improving my waste basket shots with crunched paper, so from now on I suggest you get them straight from Taigen.

Democrats asleep at the wheel By Robert Kuttner, Boston Globe, March 16, 2005

THE REPUBLICANS just did it again. They pushed through Congress a bankruptcy ''reform" bill written by credit card companies. The bill makes it harder for ordinary people crushed by debt (often medical debt) to start anew. It leaves intact dodges used by wealthy people, such as asset-hiding trusts, and the corporate ability to use bankruptcy to slash wages, evade pension responsibilities, and stiff creditors.

A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition
Act Now to Stop War & End Racism

By Greg Palast
Reporting for BBC Newsnight
17 March 2005 


The $600 Billion Man By PAUL KRUGMAN,  OP-ED COLUMNIST, Published: March 15, 2005

Neo-Conservative: Say What?
By Parker Blackman,
Fenton Communications
March 14, 2005

By Arianna Huffington on her website,
There's a link to it near the top under Columns. It was published on March 9th.

from the Pittsburg Post Gazette
Going against the flow always causes ripples

Tuesday, March 08, 2005
By Tony Norman who seconds the LA Times endorsement of U2's Bono for head of the World Bank.

3-9-05 - By all means read Missile Counter-Attack - Axworthy fires back at U.S. -- and Canadian -- critics of our BMD decision in An Open Letter to U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Thu Mar 3 2005 By Lloyd Axworthy, president of the University of Winnipeg and a former Canadian foreign minister. 

Check out Awaken in the Dream for an article on Bush's insanity that Taigen sent out. Also there's more there of unique interest.

See how Neil Bush is profiting off of the war in Iraq and his brother's presidency.

3-4-5 - Subject: Stopping a Strike at the Heart of the Senate -by Senator Robert Byrd

Throughout the Bush regime's various extremist assaults on the rule of law and on the rights of American people, Senator Robert Byrd has been one of the very few consistent champions of truth, and of our constitutional rights.

Below is Senator Byrd's speech exposing the dangers of the Republicans' current threat to implement the "nuclear option" that would eliminate the filibuster and along with it any possible check from the Judiciary and the legislative branch on the neocons' extremist policies.  Our constitutional rights are in grave peril.

Because of this speech, Senator Byrd is now being smeared by Right wing attack groups.

Please contact your Senators asking them to support Senator Byrd and to help preserve the American system of checks and balances.  And also consider calling Senator Byrd to express support.

Any Senator can be reached by calling 1-877-762-8762.


Editor's Note: Republicans are demanding an apology for the following speech, which was delivered by U.S. Senator Robert Byrd. In order to cut through the hyperbole, we present the entire text of the speech to our readers. Decide for yourself if Senator Byrd was out of line. The allegation is that the Senator was calling the GOP majority in congress Nazis. Read the whole statement and judge for yourself. -smg

Senator Byrd delivered the remarks below warning the Senate and the American people about a procedural effort being considered by some Senators to shut off debate and shut down minority voices and opinions. Byrd believes that such an effort strikes at the very heart of the Senate -- the freedom of speech and debate.

Stopping a Strike at the Heart of the Senate
By Senator Robert Byrd
Tuesday 01 March 2005

original at:

3-2-05 -  I usually assume that those of you who wish to are already on the  MoveOn list.

But this one is critical,  Please consider signing their petition.

Dear All:

This week the senate is debating the judicial nomination of William Myers III. He's a career cattle and mining industry lobbyist who is now up for a lifetime appointment to the 4th District Appeals Court. He's just one of Bush's 20 judicial nominees that Democrats rejected last term, (compared to over 200 they approved). But Bush is still fighting hard to make sure every single one gets confirmed.

These 20 judges were singled out because they consistently picked corporate interests over basic rights, and want to roll back decades of progress on anti-discrimination, women's rights, worker's rights, and the environment. If we don't act now to support a real opposition, these corporate judges will be given lifetime appointments to lock in Bush's ultra conservative ideology for decades.

Plus, the Bush administration has threatened to use this fight to take away the Senate Democrat's ability to resist any future judges, including Supreme Court nominees.

MoveOn has started a petition calling on our Senators to stand firm against Myers and all 20 of these rejected corporate nominees, and to fight any manipulation of the rules to force them through.

Please join me in signing today:

3-2-05 - Rumsfeld Sued over Prisoner Abuse

2-24-05 - Scott Ritter Says U.S. Plans June Attack On Iran By Mark Jensen

2-23-05 - Government of, by and for Big Business from

2-22-05 - Taigen says: "One picture is worth a thousand words."  Well here are hundreds? (I didn't stop to count) of pictures of the Children of Iraq.  You will not see these pictures in W.'s propaganda media; But the rest of the world has seen them. Please take a look at these Iraqi children, and then see if you can believe that the Iraqi people are now better off under American rule than they were under Saddam Hussein. Please look at these pictures, and do look at some of the last ones: [link doesn't work anymore]

2-21-05 - The Atrocities of a Pale Rider-John D. Negroponte by
Celerino Castillo 3rd
posted at, Feb. 17, 2005

2-20-05 - Bush Tort Reform: Executive Clemency For Executive Killers
Friday, February 18, 2005
By Greg Palast

Greg Palast is author of the New York Times bestseller, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, from which this is taken. For more information go to

The whole U.S. legal system, or so-called system of justice, has now become a total fraud with absolutely no moral legitimacy. We have an Attorney General who advocates torture and war crimes, and now we have immunity for corporate murderers from tobacco to asbestos to drug companies.  All for the greater profits of Bush's friends at Halliburton & Co. etc., with ordinary citizens and victims denied recourse.