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zmbm 40th anniversary issue coverThe annotated version of Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind at Forty, an afterword by DC for the commemorative 40th anniversary edition of ZMBM. Lots of notes and links.

The 40th anniversary issue of ZMBM Shambhala Publications link and Amazon link.



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shunryu - the whole archive comes to you

Suzuki Roshi dot SFZC dot org/dharma-talks:  - little by little Suzuki Roshi's lectures are being added to this site with photos and other supporting material. They're doing a good job, well presented.

Share your memories please

Were you around in the days when Shunryu Suzuki was in America? Please send your memories of him, Sokoji, Page St., Tassajara, the scene, why you came, what you've done since - anything you want to add to this sprawling oral and written history. Memories to be shared at a later date accepted. Thanks, contact DC

This site is full of such memories, mainly in interviews and Brief Memories and Suzuki Stories but elsewhere too - someday soon it will surely all be neatly arranged. DC is currently in India working with the backlog of interviews of notes and getting it up on cuke.