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Portraits of Shunryu Suzuki
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Willard Michael Dixon

Mike's portraits, some of which are folks we know

Cuke Archives has made a high resolution copy of this portrait available for you and all—download it from here.


Hangs in the SFZC City Center main floor staircase.


A pencil drawing created by an artist in Thailand for Kelsang Tsogtor (Van Vorheis) who provided the original photo to SFZC and this image to Cuke Archives. Maybe taken shortly after Suzuki arrived in the US since his family in Japan don't know this photo.


Two idealized drawings with Shunryu Suzuki provided by Kelsang Tsogtor (Van Vorheis).


Narcissus Robert Quagliata
















water color of Shunryu Suzuki - more at














Stained glass in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC



Shunryu Suzuki hands, stained glass (his first)


Dainin Katagiri - stained glass



Swinging doors between dining room and kitchen at the SFZC City Center, San Francisco

Al Wong - who did art shows at SFZC City Center 1986 and 1991

Shadow screen of Shunryu Suzuki in the stairway first floor City Center




Thanks Clare Hollander for the hands and screen photos and for Brit Pyland identifying Al Wong as creator of the screen. Al wrote: Okusan helped me with making the portrait of Suzuki  Roshi.  When I asked her how tall he was, she simply  tapped  my lips  and that helped  me get the proper  scale.

Wood sculpture of Shunryu Suzuki by Peter Schneider













Lost the source of this for now. That was Suzuki's translation of the last line of the poem on the han which literally translated more like, Respectfully don't be dissolute.




David Goldberg - who wrote:  I originally did a detailed pencil sketch of this Image of Suzuki Roshi after reading Zen Mind, Beginners mind in the late Seventies ,I never met him ,But appreciated his down to earth wisdom. After my parents passed on ,I rediscovered him and Painted this Painting. A Poet Friend of mind from the Bay Area sent me Zen is Right Here the other day.


Got this off Wikipedia with no artist name.

Damian Maynard sent four pictures done by his hand, two of Suzuki presented here.

Suzuki Roshi - watercolor


Pencil sketch done when Damian was younger.


Frances Thompson

Had saved this clipping in archives for years. Just posted it and found the artist on Facebook to tell him and he sent the following silkscreen prints with pastel and/or watercolor.