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See DC's illustrations for his novel, To Find the Girl from Perth

Added early 2017

by Shunryu Suzuki's hand

Mel Weitsman's paintings

More graphics from cuke archives

Graphics in the early Wind Bells

More graphics and art in the Wind Bells


12-12-23 - Art by Jim Traversy

5-02-17 - Stan White's ink drawings (first of five pages)

2-01-17 - Dan Welch Art

5-08-15 - Teresa Koboyashi mentioned in several recent posts has some art on the Celeste Prize site. - posted in Saunters


2-10-14 - The art of Andres Amador - thanks Gregory

8-20-13 - Bill Schwob's fine art site is now up as a partner to his photography site.

7-09-13 - The Art of Khalila Friedman - a Facebook page

5-02-13 - Join Karen Hamilton May 3, 4, and 5 for the 20th anniversary of Marin Open Studios. I will be showing paintings at Studio 333 in Sausalito. (333 Caledonia St.)

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, May 3rd, 6pm - 9pm

OPEN STUDIOS: Sat., May 4 and Sun. May 5, 11am - 5pm

2-16-13 - Twisted Sifter - fantastic art - thanks Gregory

1-02-13 - Sister Susan's old friends Nancy and Jim Maas dropped by Mother's Fort Worth home yesterday. We all talked for a long while and drank mint ryobus tea. Most interesting. Tomorrow we'll check into Jim's specialty. Today, take a look at Nancy's art site.

11-28-12 - Gustavo Fermin wrote to get the username and password for and sent this link to the Centre Zen Maha Muni - Paris. He's from the Dominican Republic. He's a fine artist - here's his site for that - "And I also do Graphic work, (book covers, illustrations, etc) I also work as the assistant of an American artist called Peter Beard."

9-01-12 - Art Exhibit: Zen & Sumi-e | Japan & America - Michael Hofmann, September 2012

8-04-12 - Heather Gordon paintings

8-02-12 - Had lunch with Father Steve Frost yesterday. He ran the Newman Center at Sonomas State U for years. Check out his NEW PAINTINGS - SPRING/SUMMER 2012.
and the Nepsis Foundation for his writing

Steve Frost cuke page

7-14-12 - Nancy Talbott interviewed about crop circles - a follow-up to links to a couple of films about them mentioned on 7-06-12. I've had some exchanges with Ms. Talbott recently. She's into pure scientific research and doesn't dwell on speculation. Her outfit is called BLT Research Team Inc. Read all about it. - filed in cuke-the-arts cause to me, DC, they're beautiful art.

7-06-12 - Crop Circles. Wow. Saw this film on YouTube. Now I want to see What on Earth. They are so beautiful. Congratulations to the great artists and brilliant engineers, veritable magicians - who made these wonderful creations. - dc

6-08-12 - Check out Ray Sumser's Treehouse Gallery website and go to his gallery in San Francisco. Cool guy. Cool art. Great opening last night. - dc

5-15-12 - Barbara Yates. Check out her blog and beautiful wood Buddhist and other sculpture. Then look at her wooden books. She said she published an interview with Suzuki student and potter/artists Mary Quagliata a few years back in Ceramics Magazine.

4-14-12 - Mary Quagliata Gallery

Mary on Vimeo  - 16 videos. Good going Mary.

Mary was an early student of Suzuki Roshi. I always thought of her as a potter, but there are wonderful paintings on her site. She lives in San Miguel de Allende and was at Genjoji for a year or so a few years back and I've got an interview with her in the backlog that I'm eager to get to but can't find. - dc (updated 8-07-14)

Mary's memories of Shunryu Suzuki

2-17-12 - The flower photography of Jocelyn Konarski

1-15-12 - The art of Yeachin Tsai - Yeachin translated Not Always So into Chinese. - here's her daily art blog.

1-07-12 - Check out the fine art of Catherine Anderson whom I remember from Green Gulch back in the mid eighties.

10-22-11 - Judith Kennan Photography  - Good stuff. Met Judith when she was in charge of construction projects at Tassajara. - dc

10-18-11 - Jenny Wunderly's wonderlious Art keeps coming. Check out her website.

Jenny Wunderly Art on Facebook.

Jenny Wunderly cuke page

8-27-11 - Check out the incredible art of our new friend Khalila Friedman.

8-15-11 - Jeff Myers Art - and here's another link to the same site. Wow. Jeff practices with John Tarrant. Talked to him and his wife Sonja at the annual (I guess) PZI (Pacific Zen Inst) summer party. He's got a great big beautiful piece behind the altar (sort of) these days at the PZI Santa Rosa Zendo. - dc

7-14-11 - The beautiful art of Melanie Yendes (which is German, not Spanish)

7-01-11 - Got the following message on Facebook the other day:

Bonjour David, j'ai beaucoup apprécié votre livre sur laz vie de Suzuki Roshi, voici une image de mon travail. Bonne journée jl

Jean-luc Lacombe

He's a painter. Here's his website.

4-26-11 - Brian Howlett's facebook friend and dharma pal Jamie Howell asked for a Bodzilla-T design for his spring 2011 Zen tour. here 'tis. See more Brian Howlett below.

Here's a site of Brian's

4-25-11 - Father Steve Frost's Easter upload of his painting,

Steve Frost cuke page

12-27-10 - Father Steve Frost has new writing, poetry and prose, on his web sites, mainly <> but also But the sites are dominated by his wonderful art.

Steve Frost cuke page

11-27-10 - Brian Howlett, Zen art man from sublime to whimsey.











Brian's Art site

Brian's blog - with cartoons and comment

The Full Moon Society - he's a promoter of poetry.

His Facebook page

On Tricycle's blog

Brian did the art for two tee shirts and other items available at Cafe Press - Buddhism (the religion that promises nothing and) Delivers and Zen Failure. Check 'em out in the Buddhism and Nothings section of the Cuke Basket.

Thanks Brian. - dc


10-25-10 - This beautiful painting by Jenny Wunderly recently adorned a wall at a John Tarrant sesshin. Check out Jenny's website.

Jenny Wunderly cuke page

8-10-10 - Paintings and Drawings by Dan Welch

 (discovered this looking for a picture of Richard Jaffe for whom two of these art works are dedicated. One is also for yours truly and hangs in my bedroom. - dc)

Now on cuke as well here with links to two other pages herein also from Josh Bear's site.

8-01-10 - Leo's Buddha










6-28-10 - Thanks to old pal John DeSmidt for sending along this Russian Tire Buddha.

4-18-10 - The Inklings of Michael Wenger

Prior Wenger art on cuke

Dairyu Michael Wenger cuke link page

11-11-09 - At 11:11 we plan to arrive at the Museum Rietberg for the Treasures from ancient Gandhara, Pakistan show.

11-02-09 - Himalaya Blue, Tibetan Red invitation from creator Zsolt Suto. See Zsolt's,, with wondrous color photos, German text, and a tribute Zsolt's art by Acharya David Schneider below. His show is on the 8th of november 2oo9 at 13:3o In the Benedictushof Centre for Spiritual Pathways in Holzkirchen (near Würzburg), in Germany – more info about Benedictushof in English hereMORE

10-29-09 - Check out the beautiful art of Sophia Dixon Dillo.

10-18-09 - Damion Maynard sends some art cuke way



7-21-09 - Hello David; I originally did a detailed pencil sketch of this Image of Suzuki Roshi after reading Zen Mind, Beginners mind in the late Seventies ,I never met him ,But appreciated his down to earth wisdom. After my parents passed on ,I rediscovered him and Painted this Painting if you wish you can see more of my work at A Poet Friend of mind from the Bay Area sent me Zen is Right Here the other day. - Thank You ,David N.Goldberg.  - Thank you David G. -  dc

click on image to enlarge

6-27-09 - Ray Sumser has a great art site.

Don't miss this great piece: the Comicosm. Take a look at it and then to help him go here.

5-27-09 - Solitary Rock, Calligraphy by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, created on the occasion of Suzuki Roshi's death

click thumbnail to enlarge or go to this page


3-11-09 - Shunryu Suzuki's first student was Bill McNeil. Here is one of his paintings. More on Bill later.  Thanks to Joe Bacon for sending them.

2-05-09 - Gloria (Levine) Simoneaux writes about Harambee Arts

I am writing to you from Nairobi, Kenya where I've been living and working as a Fulbright scholar since the beginning of September 2008. As part of my fellowship, I am fulfilling the mission of Harambee Arts, by hiring and training talented young artists to work with troubled children in slum areas, hospitals, schools and orphanages. To date, we have started “art clubs” in four slum schools and the “presidents” of the clubs are chosen from the “special needs children”, those with autism, downs syndrome and other neurological problems.

We also continue to lead a weekly art group for 30 HIV+ women at Langata Women’s Prison in Nairobi. The head warden said, “For the first time, the prisoners are eager to be tested for HIV so that they will be eligible to attend the Harambee Arts support group.” Most recently we led a workshop for grandmothers who are raising up to 20 orphans each, in a South African township. They had never painted before and the results were spectacular.

Five artists have been hired…two in Zimbabwe and three in Kenya, and more than 2,000 children have participated in our programs. Since the inception of Harambee Arts in fall 2007, more than 400 psychologists, teachers and social workers have been trained in our methodology of non-directive, child centered expressive arts.

Your continued support of our work in Sub-saharan Africa is greatly needed. Donations enable the Harambee Arts staff to continue our work with children and women who have been traumatized by the AIDS pandemic, civil wars, famine and displacement; and train others. Art supplies will be purchased! Capable youth will be given jobs! More trainings will be offered! Please see the photos below to view the beautiful recipients of our services.

For more information about Harambee Arts you can visit: It is easy to make a tax-deductible and secure financial donation by visiting our Donation Page at (and click on the "Donate" button) or send a check by filling out the attached Donation Form (.pdf).

Harambee Arts

9-30-08 - Bill's Schwob's wonderful Art Work will be exhibited at Emeryvill Art Exhibition. 5815 Shellmound Way, Emeryville 94608
Exhibition Dates: October 4 though October 26
Exhibition Hours: 11am-6pm daily
Reception: October 3, Friday, 6pm-9pm
Bill did a great series of photos of Rinsoin, Suzuki Roshi's temple in Japan. Must get them scanned and on Check out the web site for Bill's professional photography..

7-06-08 - Michael Sawyer's funeral was held on
Sunday, July 6, 2008 at 3 p.m.
 at Green Gulch Farm
Family and friends celebrated and grieved the passing of a beloved brother, husband, father, monk, painter, and inspirational spiritual friend who passed away with his loved ones present at home at Green Gulch Farm on June 5 2008.  See more on Sangha news See his amazing art featured with an article in the latest Tricycle.

6-14- Michael Sawyer 's funeral will be on Sunday, July 6, 2008 at 3 p.m at Green Gulch Farm. (Call 415-354-0411 for directions) See more on Sangha news See his amazing art featured with an article in the latest Tricycle.

5-27-08 Taken with the crappiest of cellphone cameras. The largest installation of Henry Moore sculptures is currently at the New York Botanical Garden. According to note from MS they are all Buddhas, most of them reclining. Thanks Michael Sierchio via Katrinka.

5-26-08 - And now there are four more Michael Wenger brushings.

5-14-08 - Long before there was cukeTheArts there was Miscellaneous. Therein resided these fine jpgs of Michael Wenger's whimsical yet profound brushings. Now we welcome them into this section - at least with a link. Michael - more!


5-13-08 - Check out the website for Alex Murawski, the artist who did the great cover for Thank You and OK! an American Zen Failure in Japan. And click on that thumbnail to enlarge. When Shambhala republished this book I got hold of Alex through his web site and he still had the original which was rescanned which is why it looks so great now. Thinking about Alex because sought advice for agreement with artist on cover and images for other book coming soon. - dc

4-16-08 -

Kyoto Art and Antiques is having an open warehouse sale in Seattle, May 1-11. See the PDF flier for this auspicious event. Even if you don't want to buy anything, just go by and say hi to the charming proprietors who are old friends of mine. Also, their wares are superlative. Tell 'em cuke sent you. - dc

4-02-08 - The art of Karen Hamilton - wonderful collage paintings and landscapes.

During April she will be showing 50 small pieces at the 20th St. Gallery in Sacramento.

Karen Hamilton moved to City Center in 1980 and spent two practice periods and two summers at Tassajara in 1982-83. She was lay ordained by Linda Cutts in 2002. Karen lives in Sacramento and practices at the Iron Bell Zendo. Her paintings will be on display at City Center in Sept. 2008.

3-24-08 - Lane Olson has an article on Mayumi Oda in Persimmontree, an online literary magazine by women over sixty. No Lane - you can't be over sixty! - dc. You're supposed to sign up to get in and here's the link to Lane's article called The Artistry of Mayumi Oda. And here's Mayumi's site.

3-18-08 - Check out the art of Patrick McFarlin, an old Zen friend from back in the sixties. I've got a painting of his up above the bed - his version of Dogen's self-portrait. I've also got an interview from 1993 in Santa Fe, NM, with him and his wife, Deborah Madison of cookbook fame in here somewhere that I'll be working on to get on cuke. She and I were at Tassajara together way back then as well. And she was the chef at Greens at the first when I was the host.  - dc

3-05-08 - Check out Dharma Dog, the latest addition to the new cuke-Art-art department of the cuke-The-arts section. Dharma Dog is no more. Go here for Brian's new sites and stuff.

featuring paintings and drawings by Brian Howlett with John Tarrant

of PZI - Pacific Zen Inst.


3-03-08 - See the watercolors of Michael Sawyer. The first item in the new art-art section of cuke.

Michael is under hospice care now at Green Gulch Farm. An article by Zenshin Florence Caplow is planned for the May issue of Tricycle.










Here's an art question which is a hyperlink to a bookmark immediately below. Why do that? Because someday there will be many entries between the two. Of course by that time I could just delete it. Ah - so many decisions.

An art question - What do you call art that's just paintings and drawings and stuff like that and not music and theater and film - can't be visual art cause theater and film are visual too. Anyway now there are a Music, a Film n Video, and an Art sections. I want to add a conceptual art section. That's what I call it when I go running around screaming and end up at a slaughter house pouring blood all over myself. What would the overall name be for the Arts? That? The Arts? Oh - I know. I'll call it Art-art. I guess that's another art question. Hmm. I think I'll have an arts section with art, music, film n video, writing and poetry, and conceptual art under it. Anything else? How does that sound?