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Brief Interview and emails with  Jeff Broadbent plus links to articles on what he's doing about global warming

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Jeff Broadbent's University of Minnesota website

12-06-07 - Hi Zennies,

I wish I could join the reunion (Early Tassajara Alumni Reunion), but the "big mind" has led me from Tassajara in 1967-69 to now wrestling with global climate change (an international research project I am running). So, I am currently in Japan studying the politics of reducing greenhouse gasses, and have secured the cooperation of other researchers to do the same in Taiwan, Korea, China, New Zealand, Canada, US, Brazil, England, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Greece, Russia and India. then we will do some comparative analysis looking for best responses. "Saving all sentient beings" includes keeping our little blue marble fit for all kinds of life -- at least to my deluded mind! ) Hugs Jeff

12-18-07 - Here is a little bit biographical approach to the global climate change project, mentioning Buddhist practice as one key. It came out in the Sociology Association newsletter last month. It would be better than the more formal blurb I sent you.

Comparing Climate Change Policy Networks by Jeffrey Broadbent, University of Minnesota [see his longer similar piece on Climate Change]

12-19-07 - I read the info on Niels. He and I had a lot of rollicking adventures together -- to get some dough hitchhiking out to Salina Valley and standing in the day labor line with illegal wetbacks, picked up buy a Mexican labor boss who pointed out the karate decal on his windshield to say, don't mess with me, then the tall white farm owner telling him with disgust, you offering those guys 4 bucks an hour again? He told us the real wage was 8 -- yay! All day out slinging onion sacks in the beating sun, hungover Mexicans passing out in the heat and finally one tall black guy hopped a freight from Georgia, saw us, jumped off and walked over and started heaving sacks too, and we had our team. All day long. "There will be no breaks!" The joy of sweat. Sleeping in an onion shed and the black guy buying a transistor radio with his first bucks. Niels eating a hamburger to my vegetarian dismay, grinning at me. How could he die?

October 13, 1994 - on the telephone with DC

DC:  What do you remember most vividly about Suzuki Roshi?

JB: I remember a lot about him.  His example just helps me make my way through life.  I remember his maxims and things he said at different times like Old Ladies Mind and Crooked Cucumber and the story about him at the corner grocery store [choosing the oldest vegetables because he felt sorry for them].

DC:  What's the most vivid memory you have?

JB: There are lots of them.  Just before he died, sitting at his feet and, well no one knew he was going to die then, but he said that it was time for somebody else to take over.  But it wasn't what he said, it was the look in his eyes that impressed me so much.  Gretchen and I were married by him - I guess it was the last marriage he performed.  I have pictures from that wedding.

DC:  Anything else? 

JB: After we got married and were going to Japan in 71, we went up to see Roshi and was very kind and we talked to him for a long time and he said something about us or Gretchen going back to Vermont and meditating in the mountains there and then he brought out a scroll that he had done that had 'praise to Shakyamuni Buddha down the middle, praise to Bodhidharma on one side and praise to Dogen Zenji on the other side of the scroll and he gave it to us and a bell and an incense burner full of incense stuff and we put his scroll in our tokonoma.

[I've asked Jeff for more memories and copies of his photos and the scroll - DC - 12-29-07]


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