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Early Tassajara Alumni Reunion - list of folks

a reunion the last weekend in January, 2008 -

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This event is now full to overflowing but one could still get on the waiting list - nope, now (1-08-06)there's not even a waiting list.

Here's the SFZC Sangha-e page for the latest on the reunion including schedules and lists of who has RSVP'd they'll come and they won't. Let me know if you have any questions:

ZC had no idea how many people would respond.  This reunion covers too many years. It should have covered fewer years, maybe just been just the sixties and seventies. Ilene Oba who's in charge of it is doing an heroic job and needs volunteers. She's even been given other tasks while she's trying to keep up with the demands of this event. I was getting paid a bit to help but that's been cut off (retroactively for December as well - just a budget thing). I've had to return to standing out in the street at an intersection with a cardboard sign [veteran of anti-war demos will archive for crumbs).

But please don't feel left out if you've missed out this time and feel free to contact me, DC at <> to express yourself, correct entries, add people to it, inform me of a death, and let me know if you were around in the Shunryu Suzuki days, even just passing by, because I'd like to hear what you remember of Suzuki or back then, if only some tiny comment, if only to say you remember nothing at all. Maybe we should have an alumni group for the Suzuki era folks. Nah - that's too exclusive. But cuke keeps building a sort of alumni list of people who were around in the Suzuki period - not only at Tassajara but in SF, Berkeley, etc. and we include those who weren't as well and also those who never heard of Suzuki or even planet earth and also non existent beings in the ten directions.

Thanks, DC

Early Tassajara, Zen Mt. Center, Practice Period Alumni List (1967- 1992)

For a long time it was through 1989 but then it was extended to include the first 25 years.

There's a reunion the last weekend in January, 2008 - Friday and Saturday at the City Center, Sunday to Green Gulch then a Greens dinner. It's all free.

Please help to add names, mail & email addresses, phone numbers, leads, vital info, correct spellings, point out mistakes, name changes and email to <
Ilene.oba[at]> and <>. Contact info received will not be sold or posted or anything like that. - DC [thanks to Andrew Main for Analects image. Click on image or this to enlarge.]

Can't find someone you're looking for? Maybe their name has changed. List below alphabetized according to the name they use now - with prior name(s) in parenthesis. To look for them on a PC use CNTRL F with which you can search the whole page.

Have Address          |     * and + and ? are notes for working on list
  Not in database       |  & - located after reunion
  Children                  | with  ??? - address not in database
  Deceased               | with ??? - unconfirmed

Last Name First Name
Abrams Jim
Adams (Erickson) Sheridan
Adler Ronna
Aguirre Wenceslao
Akiba Gengo
Aldana Jaime    ???
Aldana Rodrigo
Alday Juan
Alexander Marc *
Alexander (Porter) Meg *+
Alexander Paul* ???
Allen Steve
Altman Jonathan
Anderson Doug*
Anderson Jude
Anderson Robert
Anderson Tenshin Reb
Anderton Frank
Andre Raymond (Laurent)*
Arakisan M
Armstrong (Horowitz) Beverly * +
Arnold Edgar
Arnow Eric
Arthure Richard
Aston Tim*
Atherton Carolyn (Carol)
Atid Avi
Atkeison Andrew
Austin Shoshin Victoria
Bacon Theresa
Bailes John
Baillie Stuart
Bajot Regina
Baker Richard
Baker Sally *
Baker Susan *
Baker Virginia *
Barr Rhonda
Baruch Nurit
Baty Doug
Bauman Brian
Bebout Beth
Beck Larry
Belshaw Mary
Benedek Bill
BenYuhmin Reuven (Roovain)
Bergst Sandy
Berman Ken
Berman Layna
Bernaert (Discoe) Ruth (Ruthie)+
Bernie Jon
Berys Diana*
Bickner Dion* ???
Bickner (Thiele) Jaime+
Bickner Jeff
Bielefeldt Carl*
Binkley Nancy*
Binkley Taylor*
Birstein Leon
Blanchette Jean-François  *
Blanco Esteban* ???
Blix Ko (Brian)*
Block Alan
Bobkoff Miriam
Bockhorst Jim
Bockhorst (Smith) Layla+
Bodian Stephan
Bongers Julie
Borden Sharon
Botermans Frederique
Boyan Craig*
Boydston Mark
Bradle Doug*
Bradley David
Bradley Gail
Bragdon (Buckley) Emma (Emily)*+
Bramucci Cassandra
Briskin (Hartman) Trudy
Britton Robert
Broadbent Jeff
Brown Dwite*
Brown Edward
Brown (Wells) Jerry*
Brown Judith*
Brown Lichen
Brown Tedd
Brown Steve**
Brown Zack
Browning Ron
Browning Joyce
Buckley Thomas (Tim)
Bull Joanna
Bullock David
Burack Cam
Burges Laura
Burkett Linda*
Burkett Tim*
Busalacchi Francine
Cabarga Tom
Cagnon Charlie
Calhoun Clay
Calhoun (Bennett) Lucy+
Cameron Francesca
Campbell Howard*
Campbell Ken
Carlson Del*
Carlson Lage *
Cary Caryl
Cashman Ty
Casuso Miguel
Ceniceros Idilio
Chadwick David
Chadwick Kelly*
Chaloner Helen
Chang Edwina
Charles Nick
Checkley Francis
Chernoff Pam
Chidester James
Chesluk Dan
Chester Sarah
Childs Lucian
Chino (Buffington) Harriet *
Chino Kobun
Chowaney Nonin Daikan
Churchill Robyn
Clapp Cam
Clark Joel
Clasen Hermann
Cleaves Meredith
Clebsch Carolyn
Clymer Robin
Clymer Suzy
Codling Wayne
Coghlan Jill
Cohen Alan
Cohen Darlene
Cohen Joe
Cohn David
Cole Paul
Colucci Don
Condit Jonathan *
Conklin Rob
Connif Yuko*
Cook (Hoadley) Mary Katherine (Kathy)*
Coonen John*
Coonen Michael*
Copeland Iva
Corig Jim
Coyote (McCann) Marilyn*
Crabtree Robert
Cramer Peggy
Cristina Alma
Crivello Ray*
Crowley Anand Shakti (Margaret)*
Cunov Kendra
Cunov Mary
Curtis Rosalie
Cutler Bruce
Cutts Jiko Linda Ruth
Daft Mike*  ?
Dagle Chuck (Charles)
Dalenberg Ananda (Claude)
Dantine Dana
Dawes Patrick
de Barros Lee
de Barros Martha
DeCotis Karen
Deangelo Donny*
Denial Peggy
Depena Karen*
Dessen Michael
Dewar Howard
Dielman Emyo
Digesu Peter
Diller Amie
Discoe Ben
Discoe Paul
Dixon Trudy*
Dorsey Issan Tommy
Dow Michael
Dreimane Maya
Duber Stevee
Dudek Stanley
Duncan Larry?*
Dunegan Muga
Durrell Mitch
Egan Kathy
Eilrich (Silva) Margaret*
Eisenberg Barry
Elias Jack
Evert Connie
Ferrell Frank
Fikes Brian *
Fischer Aron???
Fischer Kathie
Fischer Noah???
Fischer Zoketsu Norman
Fishman Jacob*
Fitzgerald (Selzer) Therese*
Fleagle David
Fore Hal*
Foresta Nelda*
Fortin Bruce
Fortin (Englehorn) Chris*+
Foster Bob
Foster Rebecca
Fronsdal Gil
Fuller Jerry
Flynn Chris
Gal Schlomit
Galicer Harold
Gallup Carol
Garcia Harry
Gawler (Brown) Meg+
Gelfond Michael
Gilbert Judy
Gilbert Timmy         ? ??
Girardot Hekizan Tom
Gjording Karin
Godwin Setsuan Gaelyn
Goertz Della
Goldschlag Daya (Dianne)
Gourley Dan
Gove Rob*
Gragg Terry
Gragg Sean *
Grant Toby
Graves Elda
Gray Diane
Grayson Sarah
Graybill Richard
Green Debbie
Greven Tom
Greiner Douglas
Griffin Doris
Gripman Marc *
Gross Barry
Grotelueschen Linda
Grove Janet
Guilford Charles
Guinan Jim
Gundling Ernie
Gustin Kathy
Hagen Nina
Haimson (Kenney) Katherine +
Haley Paul
Halfon (Rotem) Varda
Hall Silver (John)
Hall Mark S.
Haller ( Kean) Melody+
Haller Paul
Halpern Jerry
Halpern Robert
Halvorson Bruce
Hamberger Chris*
Hamilton Karen
Hanlon John
Hansen Larry*
Hardison Tozan
Hare Jim
Harmon Les
Harris John
Harris Lucille*
Harris Mark
Harris Rosabel
Harrison Steve
Harrison Ted
Hart (Hughes) Diana (Cheryl)*+
Hartman Lou
Hartman Mitzi*
Hartman Uta*
Hartman Zenkei Blanche
Haspray Alice
Haspray Richard
Hatard Gabriele
Hawkins Roger
Hazelwood E.L.
Heller (Palmers) Emila+
Henkel Luminous Owl
Hennelly (Hesselbart) Lynn+
Hernández Pozo Rocío
Herold Christopher
Herreshoff Pat
Heywood Steve
Hirschfield Jane
Hoadley Amber *
Hoadley Silas
Hochberg B?
Hodgen Rick
Hollister Sandy
Holm Niels
Homer Rachel
Hopkins John**
Horne (Atkeison) Edit*+
Horowitz Liz
Howe Dan
Howe Eleanor (Edwards)+
Howell (Artino) (Gragg) Antoinette +
Howell Rod
Howell Ted
Hoy Charles (Chuck)**
Hunt Myphon
Huntley Doug
Hurst (Slater) Bonnie
Iizuka Shindo
Illner Guenter
Isaacson Swanzie (Sue)
Isaksen Barbara
Isberg Cliff*
Jade (Atkeison) Raya (Ria) *
Jaffe Richard
James Leslie
Jamvold Mike
Johansen Aaron*
Johansen Rhonda*
Johansen Phillip*
Johansen Tony *
Johnson C. Randy
Johnson Cary
Johnson Paul
Johnson Richard
Johnson Tom
Johnson Wendy
Jones Iva (Georgette)+
Jones (Runk) Julia (Julie)
Jones Lynele
Jones Molly*
Jordan Jim
Kaiser Kim
Kamesar Dahlia (Dolores)+
Kamesar Elan
Kamesar Jack
Kan Tamara
Kaplan Dan
Katagiri Noriko *
Katagiri Dainin
Katagiri Ejo  *
Katagiri Tomoe
Katagiri Yasuhiko *
Katz Michael
Kaye Les
K Fran
Kelly Steve
Kenney Brendan   *
Leontov Tania ( Kesang)
Kiefer Durand
Kim Bill *
Kinst Daijaku Judith
Kilmer Frank
Klarich Zachary
Klein Alan
Klinger Lee
Knabb Ken
Koen Chris
Koerner Darrell
Kohn Barbara
Kominek Gerhard
Korematsu Ekai
Kostriken (Luce) Dorothy (Dot)*
Kotler Arnie
Koun Sue Ann
Krahl Patty
Kramer Helen
Kress Margret
Kutchins Albert
Kutchins Anbo Stuart
Kwong Jakusho Bill
Kwong Laura
Lacerda Marco Antonio
Lachs Stuart*
La Greu Linda*
Lahey Myo (Dennis)
Lane Bill
Lane Nevada *
Lara Odette
Larkey Joan
Larsen Eric
Laws Bill ???
Lay Nancy *
Lee Gloria
Lee Rob**
LeFevre Brian
Lehnherr Christina
Leighton Taigen Dan
Leipart Klaus-Dieter
Lentz Evelyn*
Leonetti Pat
Leong Tina
Lesser Marc
Levine Rick
Lew Alan
Lewis Fran
Lewis Mark
Lewis Wendy
Lewitt Fil
Leyva Ronald (Ron)*
Liggett Judy
Lille Annette*
Linde Jed
Linde Maria
Linde Monica
Lipscomb Taiyo (John)
Lisbon Eric
Little Harold
Litman Myra
Loskutoff (Faus) Cheryl*
Loskutoff Doug*
Lowell Michael
Lowry Ulysses
Lueck Daigen (David)
Lutz-Schneider Martina
Lyons Mike
Lytle (Grosz) Brenda*+
Lytle Robert
Machen Ernie
Macgowan Betsy*
MacMillan(Discoe)(Coonen) Gloria*+
MacKenzie Robert
Madison Deborah
Maezumi Taizan*
Main Andrew
Maisner Elaine
Malowsky Steve
Malten Willem
Mansholt Adine
Marrow Charles
Mason Barrie
Matlow Wendy *
Marlowe Alan
Marshall Dennis
Marshall Ted
Martinez Jaime
Mason John Clarke*
Matthiessen Deborah Love*
Matthiessen Peter*
Mayers Monique
McAllister Bruce
McArthur Bruce
McCarty (Johansen) Toni*
McDonald Ann
McDonald Howard
McDill Sandy
McGuire Jim* ???
McKee Melissa
McMahon Pat
McNabb Gary*
McNabb (Lambert) Marilyn +
Merrill David
Merrill Misha
Meyerhoff Jamie
Meyerhoff Jessamyn
Meyerhoff Keith
Miller Brad*
Miller Bonnie
Miller Chris
Mitchell Barbara*
Mitchell Gordon*
Miyazaki Koki
Mocine Mary
Moon Sue
Morgenstern Alan
Morton Carolyn*
Morton Jim*
Morton Rick
Mrozicki Norman
Mrozicki (Grobman) Paula*
Mueller Gail**
Munnich Teijo (Roberta)
Murphy James E.
Murphy Joseph P.
Murray Anne
Murray Marie
Mussman Jim
Musto Lou*
Nadwarski John
Nelson Bergen *
Nelson John
Nelson Kim*
Ninkovich Tom* #
Nourel Jeff
O'Connell Katy
O'Donnell Jim
O'Horn (Horn) Barbara*+
O'Shea Jim
Olson Chris
Olson Phil
Ortega Ron
Orzoff Jerry
Overton Ann *
Overton Peter
Overton (Burns) Susan+
Palmer Loring
Palmers (Baumgartton) Lorli*
Palmers Vanja Hans
Papps Hal
Parkinson Rosalyn
Parmelee Sukey
Parolini Jim
Patchell Ethan *
Patchell Tony
Paterson Robbie
Penhallow Rosy
Pepitone Kay
Pepper Evelyn
Peterson Jerome
Peuker Monna
Phalan Jim
Phelan Pat
Pickrell Wayne *
Pillsbury Trish *
Pomeroy Gil*
Ponce Carlos
Potochnik Kim *
Poulson Robert
Powell Bill *
Pratt Baika (Andrea)
Provasoli Paul
Pryor (Welch) Louise
Pyland Brit
Quagliata Mary
Rabold Alan *
Radar Naome
Rahilly (Welch) Johanna*
Rague Peggy&
Rand Chris *
Rand Hilary *
Rand Yvonne
Randolph (Young) Barbara *
Randolph Norm
Rankin Carol
Rappaport Alan**
Rappaport Harris
Ray Michael
Reese (Watkins) Sandy* +
Remington Eric
Reynolds Cathy
Richmond Amy
Richmond Lew
Richmond Ivan *
Rifkin Paul
Riggs David
Riggs (Burr) Diane+
River Zante
Rivera Teresa
Roberts Shinshu (Lani,Kokai)*
Robinson (Walter) Audrey*+
Robinson Gib
Rodgers Anna
Rodriguez Denis
Roufchae Bizhan
Rogers David*
Rosen Fred
Roniti Larry*
Roniti Rita*
Rosenblum Paul
Ross Jean
Rubenking Neil *
Rudnick Peter
Rudno Dorothea
Runyon Angie
Rusk Laurie
Ryder Jim
Sammons Mark
Samson Dennis
Sattizahn Ed
Saunders (Hiestand) Harriet+
Savattone Lorraine
Sawyer (Burgess) Elizabeth (Betsy)*
Sawyer Ken
Sawyer Micah *
Sawyer Michael
Schaeffer Henry*
Scheatzle Steve
Scherer Karl
Schmidt Bernhardt *
Schneider David
Schneider (Westberg) Jane+
Schneider Jeffrey
Schneider Peter
Schroeder Fu (Nancy)
Schwelm Karen *
Scott Maylie
Scoville Larry
Sebasta Brigitta
Sekarak Gary*
Sellman Pat
Sells Sandy*
Senauke Alan
Senauke (Schley) Laurie +
Shadden (Digesu) Shiwa (Buncie)*
Shaw William
Sheldon Nancy
Sher (Strizich) Gail
Sheridan Tai (Larry)
Sherman Jeff*
Shippee Paul
Shuman Bob
Shurtleff Bill
Silberman Arnold
Silva David
Simon Ellen
Simoneaux Jay
Simpson Gail Kodo
Slone (Copeland) Iva 
Small (Wolf) Brigitte+
Smith Barbara
Smith Bill
Smith Ken
Smith Michael
Smithson Lee (Leland)*
Somerville Annie
Sopko Anna
Sopko Mick
Soto Mariangeles
Spencer Ned
Stoeber Fred**
Stearns Jeanie*
Steiglemeyer Norman*
Steindl-rast David*
Stein (Block) (Morton) Sally*+
Steindler Hannah
Steiner John
Stone Dan
Strauss Ken*
Strong Kathy
Strozer Teah
Stucky Steve
Sturdevan Nolan
Sturgeon Janet *
Suarez Suzanne
Sullivan Todd
Sunim Il Chui
Suzuki Mitsu*
Suzuki Otohiro*
Suzuki Shunryu*
Swanson Stan
Tatsugami  Sotan*
Taylor Andrea
Taylor Flora
Taylor Jessie
Terbovic Melanie
Thanas Katherine
Thomas Robert
Thompson Frances
Thompson Peter
Thorn Jordan
Thorson Claire
Tipton Steve*
Tjeerdsma Jack
Tolchin (Provasoli) Geri *
Torabella Jusep
Toschek Sigrid
Trautsch (Fise) Nicolle *
Traversy Jim
Treasurefield (Lang) Tara (Pat)
Tribe Alexander
Tribe Fran
Trundy Martha*
Tuomi (Okamura) Liz *
Van der Sterre Peter*
Varvares George
Vetter Chuck (Charles)
Volkmer Doug
Von Lichtenstein Gabrielle*
Voorhies Van
Wagner Alina
Walsh Tom
Walter Bob *
Walter Eliot *
Walter L*e*t*h*e *
Walton Pam
Ward Fletcher
Wasson Robert
Watkins Bob
Weinberg Rob
Weingarth Chris
Weintraub Steve
Weiss Pam
Weitsman Mel
Welch Dan
Weller Jack
Wells (Dunne) Lisa+
Wender Meiya (Susan)
Wenger (Lubanski) Barbara +
Wenger Michael
West Debbie
Whalen Philip
Wheat Suzanne
White Bonnie
White Dennis *
White Stan
Wholey Lauren  ???
Wholey Ralph
Wicks Rick
Wiggins Mary *
Williams Mary
Wilson J.J. *
Wilson Philip
Wilson Walter
Winter Yehudah (Alan)
Wisberg (Derby) Marian *
Wolberg Bob
Wolf-Spada (Wolf) Liz
Wong (Lane) (Lupo) Linda+ *
Woods Frank
Wood Sybil
Wynne Michael *
Yamada Ryuho
Yee Norine
Yenchik Susan
Yoshimura Ryogen
Zenki (Ng) Kosho (Richard)
Zivic Jim
Zorn (Pomeroy) Karen* #
Zuda Ben*

Please help to add names, mail & email addresses, phone numbers, leads, vital info, correct spellings, point out mistakes, name changes. If you submit a name of someone who was there a lot as a student in the interims or guest seasons only, please note that and the years if possible. Pass this link on to anyone you know who may be able to help.  - DC

Send what you've got to <>.

And enjoy just going through the list. Please include when you first came to ZC and when you were at Tassajara. Ilene's list has what practice periods people attended and other info but the one I post here just has the names and some notes. Please let us know if your name has changed so we can include your name from then and now.

Thanks to Bob Watkins' work leader list we now have a list of folks from the first practice period (marked W1 or dc1 below). But there were more. Need more help there.

Thanks.  - DC (I'm updating this all the time now so check back now and then if you wish)

Ilene Oba in the Zen Center Development Office is putting together a list of people who were at Tassajara before 1990. Ilene writes:

The SFZC is having a Tassajara Alumni (Spring of 1967 – Fall 1989) Reunion on January 27, 2008 at Greens Restaurant in San Francisco.

Now there's a whole weekend event starting with Friday, January 25th at the City Center. Continuing there on Saturday, Green Gulch is an option on Sunday. And then that evening the Greens dinner.

WE NEED HELP in getting current addresses, phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses on all the people in yellow so they can be invited. Contact <Ilene.oba[at]> with any information!  E-mail is easier to record phone numbers, etc. but if they can’t e-mail, call 415 354 0358. (please send copy to <>. Of course substitute @ for [at] in those addresses.)

The list of names is from the Tassajara 1967 - 1992 25th Anniversary book. It starts with 1967 and says "No list of students available". I think all the names were taken from the shuso log and 10,000 Year Book. I know from doing the list that there probably are errors in the spelling of people's names and some duplicates of people's names.

Artist's rendering of the first practice period

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