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Betty Warren's Prayer

This is a copy of a draft of a letter that Betty sent out. It starts with three lines from Stephen Batchelor's Buddhism Without Beliefs. Then there is a prayer she recited morning and night in recent years. Since the letter was unsigned, I just retyped it. - DC

Since death alone is certain
And the time of death uncertain,
What should I do?

This is my prayer:

I give thanks for this day
Though it may be my last
I shall live it fully in the Here and Now
With joy in all the beauty, the pleasure and the pain;
With gratitude for this incredible gift of consciousness;
With trust in the Great Spirit that dwells within
    each creature: animal, plant, and landscape;
With love for all creation and compassion for myself and all my relations,
    my fellow-travelers on this journey of wonders.

With Gassho,


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