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Betty’s Instructions on How and When to Listen to Music

First of all - Betty’s 4 favorite CD’s are: (in her words)

Bach, Mass in B (flat) minor – The Heavens ring out!

Beethoven Sonata #29 piano Wilhelm Kempff only - Utterly sublime/sheer madness!

Schubert: Quintet in C major - profound!

Mahler: Song of the Earth. Bruno Walter - The earth continues its eternal journey as mankind struggles with its joys, sorrows, hopes and fears.

Foreword: What is Music?

Music has many functions: it entertains, it is fun: it is an art, combining with the Dance; it is a companion in our play, our work, our every day life. Music raises our spirits, bolsters our courage, comforts our grief and fears. It is never still, but always changing.

Serious music is the expression of the composer’s outlook on life, his/her vision of the deeper reality that underlies all existence. It is the Mystery made audible. Music simply IS.

Music is like meditation: something you do just for the experience of doing it. There is no reason, no logical meaning. Just surrender to the beauty of the sound…with your total attention. Relax, do not move, disappear. Become the sound. It is a form of non-doing = meditation.


Rarely if ever do we find perfection in this life. It is only through the imperfect that we glimpse perfection. If we are too judgmental and reject all that is imperfect we will be very, very poor. Because of our own imperfections we are perfect human beings.

So with music, relax and listen deeply. You will be rewarded with perfection in the imperfect. A fine performance can shine through a not-so-great recording.

I can only truly listen for about 1 hour. One CD per day, with total attention. "Background" music is lost when accompanying other activities or chores.

Approach a new composition with a sense of wonder – not with the intent of judging it good or bad, pleasing or not. Let yourself be open to a new experience, let it open new doors. Music can be Letters from Emptiness.

If you can, try to set aside a time – an hour just for music – 1 hour – 1 CD when you do nothing else – accomplish nothing tangible – rest completely – be refreshed – JUST BE MUSIC.

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