Hoitsu Suzuki

Hoitsu is the eldest son of Shunryu Suzuki, also one of two dharma heirs of Suzuki in Japan. He's the abbot of Rinsoin in Yaizu.His wife is Chitose. Their son Shungo and his wife Kumi are pretty much running the temple now. Hoitsu and Chitose's daughters are Narumi and Kaiyoko. Thanks to Hoitsu's son Shungo for sending us this recent photo (2023).

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Hoitsu's Introduction to the Japanese edition of Crooked Cucumber

12-11-15 - From Robby Pellett (see photo of Robby below):

Shungo and Kumi have two children Momoyo chan (chan is honorific for girls) and Kanryo kun (kun is honorific for boys)

Narumi and her husband Shodo Kobayashi.  He is a soto zen priest in the Tokyo area.  I do not know the name of his temple.

Kaiyoko and her husband Yuuji Maeda.  He is a local civil servant for the prefecture, he might have been an elected official at one time locally.  They have 2 children Kosei kun and Mimiko chan.

I received transmission from shiso sama (Hoitsu Suzuki) in 2010 and was able to do Zuise at both Eiheiji and Sojiji in 2011.

I continue to support the practice at One Pine Hall in Seattle and at a small sitting group in Cathlamet WA.

4-07-14 - Spent the night at Rinsoin, Shunryu Suzuki's home temple, and sat zazen this morning with his son the present abbot, Hoitsu, and Hoitsu's son Shungo, also a priest and next in line, and some men from Yaizu. After breakfast and laundry, Katrinka and I visited with Mitsu Suzuki, Shunryu's widow, and she gave me a copy of her new collection of haiku, A White Tea Bowl: 100 Haiku from 100 Years of Life - edited by Kazuaki Tanahashi, translated by Kate McCandless, introduction by Norman Fischer. - Amazon link

Hoitsu's wife Chitose drove us to Mitsu's. Also there were Mitsu's daughter Harumi and Hoitsu's sister-in-law, Mitsuyo, who is visiting from San Francisco.

Hoitsu is now the Seido of a practice temple in Okayama where he's leading a one week sesshin this month and going there for a week every month. He'll also spend a week at Eiheiji later this month.

6-01-13 - Robby Pellett (see photo of Robby below), dharma heir of Hoitsu Suzuki (Shunryu's son and dharma heir) sits at One Pine Hall in Seattle.

There's a new newsletter out which one can access by going to the One Pine Hall website and clicking on the left arrow.

Robby writes:

I was able to go to Japan this spring to see Hojo-sama.  He and Chitose seem to love being grandparents. Hojo sama gave a dharma talk every day during morning Zazen.  It brought tears to my eyes to hear his Dharma.

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1-20-10 - Hoitsu Suzuki is godo, head teacher, at Eiheiji since last November. Amazing. Congrats.

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Recent photo of Hoitsu Suzuki during a dharma talk at Rinsoin on the Tenzo kyokun - thanks Isao Miyanoiri.


Hoitsu in about 1995

Robby Pellett, Hoitsu's dharma heir in Seattle, WA, US

2020 Statement of support from Hoitsu Suzuki for Cuke Archives

As an ancient master said, the blue mountains are constantly walking.

Soon 50 short years will have passed since the death of Shunryu Suzuki. It is such a grand thing to see during this time that so many have kept his teachings and are carrying on his dharma. An even greater encouragement to me is their sincere practice, to which I must express my deep respect and appreciation. And especially to Mr. David Chadwick, who has contributed so much by collecting and making available information about Shunryu Suzuki, as well as through other activities. As a follower of Shunryu Suzuki, and as his son, I wish to thank David from the bottom of my heart. It is my heartfelt desire that David’s work continue to expand even further.

Translated by Fred Harriman and Shohaku Okamura with David Chadwick from Original in Japanese.

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