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Dan Welch Art

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July 4, 2002 Opening - on the Art

Keep Smiling
On May 24, 2002, Dan Welch had a show of his paintings and drawings at the Zen Center in San Francisco. Many of the sanga memers who came to the San Francisco opening were the owners of the paintings and drawings on display.









At the opening in San Francisco, Joshua Baer asked Dan Welch if there was a way the show could travel to Santa Fe and re-open in conjunction with the opening of Joshua Baer & Company’s new gallery. Dan liked the idea, so he asked the owners of the paintings and drawings for their consent. All of the owners gave their consent, and the show re-opened in Santa Fe on the evening of the Independence Day, 2002.

Dan had lived in Santa Fe from 1985 to 1998, and many of the people who came to the Santa Fe opening were old friends. At 8:30, just as the sun was about to set, Dan gave a brief talk about his paintings and drawings. Then he took groups of people through the gallery and answered their questions about his paintings, his drawings, and his practice.

Dan Welch lived at this time in Crestone, Colorado, where he was assistant abbot at the Crestone Mountain Zen Center.


Images of Dan Welch's Artworks

Photographs of the July 4, 2002 Opening

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