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Dan Welch Art

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The July 4, 2002 Opening at Josh Bear & Company in Santa Fe

For 35 years, Dan Welch has been making paintings and drawings. Whenever Dan finishes a painting or a drawing, he gives it to someone, usually a close friend. Dan Welch says he is not an artist. He says he practices Buddhism, and that the paintings and drawings are part of his practice.

Dan Welch gets a gift and hand.

Scrolls with paintings by Dan Welch.


Dan spent a lot of time showing people his paintings and drawings.


Carole Wyman, an old friend of the gallery,
is the owner of several of Dan's paintings and drawings.

People brought their kids to the opening,
and the kids gave the gallery a good feeling.


Carole Wyman and her husband, Kama Kumar.


click here to see images of Dan Welch's artworks

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