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People in, a hub of sorts - started 4-13-11

People Index or link pages - for more people, see Interviews, Brief Memories, Suzuki Stories, LinksComments, CukeSanghaNews, and a few other places for some stragglers.

Gary Snyder link page

Gary Snyder to DC brief comments on phone about Shunryu Suzuki

 Letter from Gary Snyder [posted 5-13] Better Scan of this letter [posted 9-18-13]

Brief comment by Snyder at the Commonwealth Club

Long Interview with Gary Snyder by Matt J

Click here for Shunryu Suzuki Photo Archive images
and links to all pages on .

Brief memory of Shunryu Suzuki from Matt's interview

2005-12-09 writ on Gary by DC

Two jobs for a monk and Two jobs for a monk revisited

David Padwa on Gary Snyder

Parting with Claude Dalenberg by Gary Snyder

Snyder on Brian Victoria and D.T. Suzuki

Gary helps with his take on the Japanese term used for Crooked Cucumber

A photo of Gary

See Jim Jordan needs to sell his copy of Gary's Wooden Fish

tons more mentions of Gary in cuke

what's new this year

There's a lot of old material that's as good as new if you haven't read it. -DC

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