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4-29-08 - Barbara Wenger sent three photos recently with queries about them. Here's how they appeared in What's New. More to come.

Another photo - this time it's Gary Snyder with son Kai or Gen, probably Kai because he was first.

Click thumbnail to enlarge.

photo by Thomas (Tim) Buckley who confirms it is Kai - from San Francisco, 1968-69

Gary Snyder Main Page

4-28-08 - Here's a classic photo of Alan Watts.

Click thumbnail to enlarge.

Alan in his study. And like with So-en below, I'll try to get back to them and put in a bunch of links and excerpts from Crooked Cucumber and so forth. Later meditator. - dc

4-27- 08 - Was just sent this photo today by someone who asked who is it? It's Soen Nakagawa Roshi who was abbot of Ryutakuji - during a visit to Tassajara. More on him later.
Photo by Thomas (Tim) Buckley taken at Tassajara - Tim says "at the dedication of Zenshinji" which would be 1967 but I think it might be 1968 or 1969. I'll ask him. - DC.

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