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Excerpts about the SFZC, Shunryu Suzuki, and Rick Levine in

Edward Conze's Memoirs of a Modern Gnostic

Thanks to Rick Levine for scanning this and emailing to cuke with the subject line:

Herr Professor Doctor Eberhart Julius Dietrich Conze

 ----- See this book online

Relevant material begins with the final paragraph.

Above: I think Conze sells Reb way short. I prefer his opinion of me as in, "Who was that idiot?" after I asked about his understanding of what a bodhisattva  is.

Below: Later Conze mentions his brilliant student Rick Levine. Rick - write something about Conze for us. That reminds me. I've got a Conze lecture tape of Rick's that needs to be digitized. I'll get to it Rick, I promise. - dc

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