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Lineage and Teachers

SHOGAKU SHUNRYU LINEAGE from Dogen - translated by Taigen Leighton

 - See the kanji for Shunryu Suzuki's lineage

Shunryu's teaching lineage and dharma heirs with photos

Sati Conference page - Carl Bielefeldt and Richard Jaffe on Suzuki's Soto Zen background, teachers, lineage

Shunryu's disciples

Dharma groups in or related to Shunryu Suzuki's lineage - badly needs updating

SFZC Lineage page

Check out this lineage page on Terebess at the bottom has the two lineages of modern Soto Zen which are from Nishiari Bokusan up top and Harada Sogaku who was Yasutani's teacher.

Taigen Dan Leighton's lineage chart - Dogen to Shunryu

SFZC Abbots

Wikipedia Zen Lineage Charts - includes incomplete but lengthy Shunryu Suzuki lineage

Cuke page on groups related to Shunryu Suzuki lineage - incomplete

11-29-14 - Dainin Katagiri and Shunryu Suzuki lineages depart as far back as Keizan. The Suzuki lineage follows Gasan Joseki after Keizan, and Katagiri follows Meiho Sotetsu after Keizan. This brings to mind the thought that there should be a lineage page on cuke where such info can be gathered - including writings on not getting too caught up on the validity or importance of it all. Will make this this first such post there and as I stumble on related material will add. An interesting note - to me anyway on lineage. Thanks Valorie Beer- dc

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Back side o DC lay rakusu with kanji written by Suzuki received at the lay ordination at SFZC, August 25, 1970 for a number of people - like 20 or more. Reading from the right is the robe chant, then the date, gotta ask about the next line, then his name Zenshin Shunryu some title, and mine Kisan Zenyu koji (lay person). Robe chant on this page of short verses from the Austin ZC.

The first lay ordination was 1962 for about 13 students. Suzuki was a little discouraged with the follow-up on ordinations and waited a while to do more. There was a kids lay ordination in the summer of 1970 at Tassajara and this one in August. The last was in 1971 for a bunch. In time will get these details more nailed down including priest ordinations - mine Nov. 1971. - dc - more in DC-SR

The Rakusu and the Precepts by Kuden Paul Boyle (from Chaple Hill ZC site) - with a nice photo of him in a similar rakusu - blue - though mine was smaller. People always remark on how small it is. I sewed it and maybe got some help.


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