Ancestors and Heirs

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Gyakushitsu Sojun gave transmission to


Butsumon Sogaku Suzuki (Shunryu's father) who gave transmission to

Gyokujun So-on who gave transmission to Shunryu Suzuki

 Nishiari Bokusan gave transmission to

(大潤) 宗潭 Oka (Daijun) Sōtan (1860-1921) — 1st abbot of Antaiji

沢木興道 Sawaki Kōdō (1880-1965)- Terebess - Wikipedia

Oka Sotan on the right who gave transmission to Kodo Sawaki on the left and to


Ian Kishizawa, Shunryu's teacher at Eiheiji and into the fifties. Kishizawa gave transmission to (or at least they studied with him like Suzuki and were junior to Suzuki who considered them dharma brothers)

Hakusan Kojun Noiri and

Rempo Niwa who officiated at Shunryu Suzuki's funeral.


Shogaku Shunryu gave transmission to


Hoitsu Suzuki who studied under Kojun Niori - don't know how much.


and Shoko Okamoto - on the right holding Gyokujun So-on's bow with Hoitsu.

and Zentatsu Richard Baker

Shunryu Suzuki was working with Bill Kwong on transmission when Suzuki died. He talked to Claude Dalenberg about giving transmission to a larger group but was discouraged from trying that and was too ill. His son and dharma heir Hoitsu gave transmission to Bill Kwong and also to Mel Weitsman and Les Kaye so their Berkeley and Los Altos centers would have a transmitted teacher in Suzuki's lineage.

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Thanks Clare Hollander for going to the founders hall at the SFZC City Center and photographing the top three ancestors' portraits plus Kishizawa's. With Hoitsu Suzuki's help rounded them up and had copies made in Japan in 1994 when there interviewing people for Crooked Cucumber. The top one of Gyakushitsu Sojun came from Zounin as I recall, was lying on a shelf behind the alter, dusty and torn in places. Had it repaired and framed before returning it to Shoko Okamoto. I think the other three were at Rinsoin. I wasn't into digitizing then so when returned to States just gave copies to some centers for display in founders' halls. So finally now they are online and offline as well. - DC