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Kobun Chino letter to Grahame Petchey 67-01-14

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Dear Tokujun-san,

Allow me to wish you a Happy New Year. I trust you and your family are in good health in this happy season. May I also thank you for your kind friendship during the past year.

After last Sesshin I wrote Rev. Suzuki as soon as I received your kind letter, and since then I have been waiting to hear from him.

I had previously been thinking of going to America in order to meet you and others. But I did not think the chance would come so fast, because I think I am not the person who would be able to fulfill fully the anticipation of Rev. Suzuki and yourself.

Indeed, I felt hasitation at first, but now I have determined to act according to your request. I hope to enter into the Dharma Castle of Sokoji, and I promise to work hard for the sake of the Dharma under Rev. Suzuki together with you. If there is anything I can do for them, I shall be more than glad to for the sake of the Dharma.

Fortunately, a few days ago, my father (Dharma master) and Rev. Taishun Sato (assistant abbot) have complied with your request.

I have heard nothing from Rev. Suzuki up to this time, so I have writen him a second letter.

By the way, it will give me pleasure if you accept a gift "Solemn Sounds of Eiheiji" which I sent, by separate post, as a toke of gratitude for you kindness.

May I once again give you my heartiest greetings for the New Year.

P.S. Ryojun-san sends his greetings also.

Yours truly

Kobun Chino

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