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Reverend Shunryu Suzuki once said something that has been very important to me through the years. We once were having a group discussion on the topic of "East West: Similarities and Differences." We were indulging in such comments as the East is intuitive and integrative, while the West is rational and separative, the East is non‑dualistic and aims to be in harmony with Nature, while the West is dualistic and materialistic and aims to conquer and use Nature." It went on and on in that vein, and Reverend Suzuki was obviously becoming quite impatient. Finally it was more than he could take.

Suddenly he stood up and, pointing a finger at us, said: "If you want to be a good Buddhist, you are going to have to learn first how to be a good Christian", and walked out. We didn't know what to make of that.

I took him quite seriously, and later decided to try to become a good Christian as well as a good Buddhist.

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