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Mel Weitsman -

long time abbot of the Berkeley Zen Center

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One morning after zazen, when the Zen Center was on Bush Street, some of the students invited Suzuki Roshi and Katagiri‑sensei to breakfast. We went across the street to one of the apartments that had just been rented by Zen Center for an office. But as yet there was no furniture, no chairs or tables. Everyone was a little uneasy at having not taken that into consideration, and felt a little embarrassed not knowing what to do about it. But Suzuki Roshi, opening a newspaper that was near at hand, very carefully laid it out on the floor with exactly the same attitude as if it were a precious brocade cloth‑ one page for him and one for Katagiri‑sensei. Taking his seat with a smile he said "This will be our table. Shall we eat?"

Once I asked Suzuki Roshi: "What is Nirvana?" He replied: "Seeing one thing through to the end."

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