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Books by Lewis Richmond

More about Lew's books on aging as a spiritual practice dot com and on his personal web site - check out his music there too. Find out more on his Zen group's site:  The Vimala Sangha

richmond.gif (87169 bytes)Work as a Spiritual Practice: a Practical Buddhist Approach to Inner Growth and Satisfaction on the Job. Broadway Books, 1999. [A Suzuki disciple, ordained with me, gives practical, down to earth Buddhist advice.]


Healing Lazarus : A Buddhist's Journey from Near Death to New Life -- by Lewis Richmond, Pocket Books 2002. See my comments - DC.



A Whole Life's Work: Living Passionately, Growing Spiritually. Atria Books, February 24, 2004. See





This new unpublished manuscript contains Lew Richmond's basic teachings about American Zen practice--posture, breathing, mindfulness, just-awareness, and other key topics.


Exclusively available on Lew's  for $12.  Mail your payment to

The Vimala Sangha
P.O. Box 856
Sausalito, CA 94966

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