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Dainin Katagiri

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WB 63-07 November


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one day and then he wen 


WB 64-03 April-May


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long-awaited aMiiion 
reality. Reverewi Dainin Katagi 
Prior to coming to San 
take this Occasion to welcome 
has at lasi a 
arrived Eiheiji, lapin, to us a. -I 
he Spent some time With Bishop Yamada Los Angeles. 
m Officially to invite everyone to meet and With him.



WB 65-05 August


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Sitting a year tvo m 'e




WB 65-07 November-December


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We ate to announce that 
old son , Yasuhiko have I ly cu the 
tagüi's wife, Tomoe, and rout year 
es. We hqve all looked forward to 
s. They are now I i v i across the 
them . 
some extra 
The idea was announced in the 
a check for $300 to help With 
in any 
meeting them. Rev. Katagiri 
from Sokoji in an arnrt 
the week summ 
toward txi1Wing Mrs. KatagiJi 
WIM last Week Zen 
me expenses or gett ettled. 
era I 
Me to 
"k all




WB 66-1 February




WB 66-5 Summer




WB 66-4 Fall



P2 - from an article on needing money to buy land for monastery






P11 - article on the new Haiku zendo






WB 67-1 Jan-Feb





WB 67-02 Fall









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Because Suzuki Roshi has been at Zen Mountain Center a good part Of this year, 
Katagiri Sensei has been leading the practice in San Francisco. He has continued 
Suzuki Roshi's leadership and added a special quality Of his own. In the past when 
Roshi has been away, attendance at zazen and lectures decreased; but during this 
last year attendance has continued to increase. Often at Katagiri Sensei's lectures 
there are 70 to 80 students and at morning and evening zazen between 40 and 60 
students. He conducted the annual week sesshin in San Francisco this summer, 
with Bishop Sumi Roshi and Abbot Suzuki Roshi there for two Of the days. TWO 
of Kataøri Sensei's lectures are included in this issue.




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west for Roshi and his wife. Mrs. Suzuki performed the tea ceremony for the house- 
hold, surely the first in the history of Wyoming. They both rode horses for the first 
time, and Roshi kept his seat like a samurai, Trudy said. 
On June Il. Katagiri Sensei's wife, Tomoe. gave birth to a boy, Ejyo, their second 
child. Norman Stiegelmeyer left the week sesshin at Tassajara to be with his wife, 
Rita, when their first child, Christina, was born on August 20.



Katagiri Lectures from Los Altos, pp67-68 - PDF



WB 68-1-2 Summer





From an article on three new archbishops in Japan replacing three who died.



WB 68-3-4 Fall









P23 - from Report on 69 winter spring practice period






WB 70-01 Winter


From Lectures by Dainin Katagiri Sensei - PDF


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WB 70-71 Winter


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P20 in discussion on City Practice






Barry Mason




WB 71-01 Summer


Katagiri only - PDF





WB 72















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KATAGIRI-ROSHI Katagiri-roshi has been our teacher since 1964. With 
Suzuki-roshi he has been deeply responsible for the development Of the Buddhist 
life and teaching at Zen Center. In recent years as Suzuki-roshi became older






WB 73



Machine generated alternative text:
KATAGIRI-ROSHI In the last issue of Ben, that 
hi had to to begirt Zendo there. We mi. him much. 
but his presence and influence 
Ontinue with us. His is in Minneapolis. 
of the 
of Zen students America. 
comes from Lynn 
"Minnesota Zen Meditation Center officially in 1972 when the 
a norEprofit religious in an 
t pation of 
his family arrived December 15th, in the 
middle of winter, in spiæ o 
f dire it was a mild. white, 
winter_ Rosh; and his family enjoyed it style by learning to skate at 
neigh rink. 
Now, after year we 
oothly center 
With about thirty 
a Board of 
officers wha take and matters. Our main 
e ff'_nt is 
future næls We are pressed for space at times 
for the daylong quiet needed for 
We like buy a farm 
to begin if for quiet P"ctice and 
gardening. With this in are 
ntly engaged in plarming and 
o ready to mail before 
The who to the "e a wide of 
Some of co 
from states in to practice with 
Roshi, of of f 
Many of the live the tendo and shop togethH 
the etc. 
is a gmwing group of children. babies to high school in 
and Diwu"ion lectures often 
on the day-today 
of living. 
nising children, maintaining family life, We enjoy this 
of eornmunity and the feeliwg of and




WB 76-1  Summer


Katagiri visits - PDF



Wb 84-1 Spring




Katagiri invited to be interim abbot of SFZC, p-8-10 - PDF



WB 84-2 Fall


Kat lect - Magnanimity - PDF



WB 85-1 Summer


Katagiri lecture - True Heart - PDF






WB 86-2 Fall


Machine generated alternative text:
Yew are rarly as old as the of years it 
sine I ca'V to 
I taught nothing to you at all, 
I you at 
You a lot for 
can tell 'hi'g hate taught me; 
'Peel off yur cultural skins, 
One by 
are Of cultural Put 
Hwv aould it passible co tell a story without 'Em? 
would it pssible to vel off the thick waUpaFr 
in my old house? 
it be to my 
Were to with 
Beliet:e it or nor, 
My life u:mdd drifting space, 
Like an separate from his shp 
without comvctiow. 
NRC I'm aaure that I alme am in the G-pævss 
Of the 
And c_auv the Va to rhe sea. 
— from 
Abbot Of 








P23 - Rowena Pattee







P35 - I add this because it reminds me of Katagiri at his desk on the ground floor of Sokoji. He was in charge of the fundraising for a new temple and there was a blackboard or something with the count on that. It didn't look to me like his tasks for the Japanese congregation were fun work. - dc



Wb 87-1 Spring






WB 87-2 Fall




 P26  - from a Harvest of Poems - Meditation Retreat with Thich Nat hahn



WB 88-1- Spring


  - PDF



WB 89-1 Spring






WB 90-1 Fall




Dying together P3 - PDF


Dainin Katagiri In Memoriam by Michael Wenger, funeral by Yvonne Rand, Eulogy by Reb Anderson, P21 - PDF


P24 - Excerpt from Natalie Goldberg's Wild Mind - PDF











WB 91-1 Spring







Hokubei Sesshin at Tassajara with priests from Japan, US, Europe, Brazil - report

P39,40 - PDF



WB 93-1 Spring


Shogoji 1st International Practice Period - PDF



WB 94-1 Summer


Ryokan Steve Weintraub lecture - PDF




 WB 94 Summer



 P35 - from Ed Brown lecture



WB 95-1 Winter


 Interview with Yvonne Rand by Barbara Wenger p10 - 17 - PDF










WB 95-2 Summer




 WB 96-1 Winter









WB 96-2 Summer




From Blanch Hartman's Mt. Seat Ceremony - p14






WB 96-2 Fall




WB 97-1 Winter




WB 97-2 Summer




 P7 - from a talk by Blanch Hartman



WB 98-1 Spring Summer



P11 - Katharine Thanas



WB  Fall 2000 Winter 2001





WB Fall Winter 2001



P9 - from a lecture by Steve Weintraub




P37 from an article by Michael Wenger full of neat short teachings



WB 2002



P20 - in an article by Mick Sopko on the 30th anniversary of Green Gulch Farm



WB Summer 2003



 P29 from Honoring Peace by Sojun Mel Weitsman



WB 2006