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Cuke 2020 Presentation

Message - Goals - Overview - Support Statements

Cuke Archives News December 2020

The Who of Cuke Archives

David Chadwick

Founder and Poohbah of Cuke Archives

DC Bio page

Main DC cuke page

photo by Katrinka McKay, January 2020

Peter Ford

Cuke Associate

Peter has been putting major time into Cuke Archives since 2010. He's involved with me daily with all aspects of it, but his forte is the mechanics of it all which is way beyond my ken. The database of, the dropdown menus on, the form and function of the offline archive are but some highlights of his contributions. Peter has an acute eye for detail and a steady grasp of the complex entirety of Cuke Archives. We both get ideas of what should be done, but he's the one who makes it work. Frequently we're in touch multiple times in a day. Often I'm like an assistant to him, providing material, expressing gratitude. He lives in Pennsylvania. - DC
Peter's Cuke page

Michael Katz

Co-conspirator, advisor, supporter

Michael came to the SFZC in the early seventies to do the first archiving of Shunryu Suzuki lecture tapes. In the eighties he became the SFZC's literary agent. I wrote my first book, Thank You and OK, at his urging. He's functioned since then as an agent, editor, advisor, and substantial supporter of all in the Cuke realm and beyond. - DC

Michael's Cuke page


Clare Hollander is a long-time Zen practitioner who checks our USPO box weekly and deals with other communications and tasks including shopping, scanning, banking, mailing. She's head of the Cuke California office which has no particular physical location, but it has her.


Lawrence Burns is the co-founder, treasurer for Cuke Press and, as Cuke Press Postmaster, has taken care of Cuke Press mailing. He was intimately involved in the editing and design of our first book on Tassajara history, and a good deal more.


Wendy Pirsig was for thirty years an archivist and writer featuring extensive web-based history for small Old Berwick Historical Society's Counting House Museum in Maine. She's a student of Myozen Joan Amaral at the Zen Center North Shore in Beverly, Massachusetts.


Bill Redican was a good friend of Cuke Archives when we were getting going in the mid 1990s. He was in charge of the Shunryu Suzuki lecture archiving project for the SFZC a couple of decades ago that got the audio and transcripts in much better and more complete order and produced the verbatim transcripts from the audio tapes. As our chief copyeditor, he's carefully reviewing the audio and updated text files of Crooked Cucumber for an audiobook and possible 2nd edition.

Bill's cuke page


Gus Awan has just started working with DC in Bali on a variety of tasks. He was a recent guest on DC's Life in Bali weekly podcast. He writes:

I was born and raised in a loving family in Bangli, Bali. Now I work as a front office staff At Floating Leaf eco Luxury Retreat. I'm so blessed (prefer this word rather than lucky) because I believe things happened for a reason. Here I have met and become friends with a lot of people from around the world and here I can fulfill lot that I have dreamed of, and for sure I can improve my English. For almost ten years I worked in online customer service for a short term apartment rental company in Paris, a family business owned by A Balinese Man married  to a French Woman. 


Everyone Else

Aside from those of us mentioned above, Cuke Archives is the result of the contributions of a legion of others who work on various projects or tasks, make contributions of material, offer suggestions, note mistakes, and offer financial support. A few people in particular come to mind. We're most grateful to Lew Richmond, Michael Wenger, Steve Stucky, and John Tarrant. Click on their names and the role of each will be described on their cuke pages. Countless others. A great deal of the material herein of course wasn't created by or for Cuke. What we do is to gather as much of it as we can from here and there, add it to what we have come up with, and make it all available. It would be impossible to make a complete list of contributors, but there are many named on the page for the History of Shunryu Suzuki Archiving. Then there are the lists of people on the Contributors Page. And one could look at the list of over 500 of us on the People Index. And all of those named and unnamed in this 2020 Cuke Archives presentation. - DC

Message - Goals - Overview - Support Statements

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