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Current Events/Engaged Buddhism

Out of Afghan!

May the US Invasion of Afghanistan Come to an End ASAP

8-28-10 - MLK's emphasis toward the end of his life was to work for peace. This article from WagingPeace states it well and simply.

And speaking of peace, here's a month old piece by Ralph Nader on the War in Afghanistan.

7-01-10 - Join the Peace Team to help us end the occupation of Afghanistan as soon as we can.

11-10-09 - Let me take a moment to stick in a link to the Huff Post's post on Gorbachev saying the US should learn from Russia's experience and get out of Afghanistan and US National Security Adviser James Jones Skeptical about Troop Request.

11-07-09 - Roots of Peace dot org - Founder Heidi Kühn and her hubby  Gary (I think) are on their way to Afghanistan to do their mine-removing thing. We wish them a safe and successful journey.

Afghanistan: Groundhog day - Guardian UK

11-06-09 - Afghanistan: Obama's Fantasy Island - by Michael Brenner

More on and from Michael Brenner

If You Say the Taliban = 9/11 Often Enough, Maybe Someone Will Believe It? - By Greg Palast, Posted November 6, 2009.

Veteran Army Officer Urges Afghan Troop Drawdown
By Gareth Porter

Rep. Eric Massa: War In Afghanistan Must End

McGovern: Get Out of Afghanistan

Arianna says Joe Biden should resign over Obama Afghan policy

10-03-09 - Frank Rich on Obama at the Precipice as Kennedy was with a pointless, futile, massively deadly, destructive war.

9-01-09 - George Will: Time to Get Out of Afghanistan

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