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Current Events, a section in  Digressions (from our noble spiritual mandate)

April 24, 2007 update on Rigged Elections, Gonzales, and the attorney firings

Rigged Elections - earlier posts on Current Events about election fraud and voter suppression.

See Election Fraud for more up to date posts

11-27-06 - If you care about honest elections, read OpEdNews Exclusive - Clear Evidence 2006 Congressional Elections Hacked - Results Skewed Nationwide In Favor of Republicans by 4 percent, 3 million votes - By Rob Kall of the Election Defense Alliance. See More on Voter Fraud.

11-07-06 - How Republicans Have Set it up to Steal today's election - Greg Palast on how they have and will today suppress, deny, and discard 4.5 million votes of mainly blacks, hispanics, and jews, giving them a 5% advantage. So don't forget to vote because the game is rigged but not completely. Wimpy Democrats have no vote suppression campaign, but does. We suggest to Republican Buddhists that you spend the day meditating, chanting, and practicing noninvolvement in illusory, mundane matters like elections. Concentrate on the void. - DC

See 10-21-06 - Reflections on the Eve
of Another Rigged Election - Ernest Partridge in The Crisis Papers.

7-08-06 - Greg Palast dot com - an inveterate voter fraud journalist for the BBC and all of us.

7-04-06 - Read Robert Kennedy Jr.'s Was the 2004 Election Stolen? from Rolling Stone.

7-03-06 - Oh yes, I almost forgot. Voter fraud. Stolen elections. A problem that seems like it couldn't get worse but could. They could get a lock on it, maybe are dangerously close to doing so. I agree with John Carroll and John Tarrant that this and not the 911 stuff is the most important conspiracy to pay attention to and it's a problem that seems rather clear, a threat we can do something about. Right now there are many progressives who aren't convinced that both of the last two presidential elections were stolen. Looks to me like they were. Looks to me like real 1984 stuff - politicians who represent big biz and the super rich talking all the time about democracy while getting in through rigged elections. I'll put some links here and you decide what you think. First let's start off with...

20 Amazing Facts About
Voting in the USA
And there are lots of links in this list.


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