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Current Events, a section in  Digressions (from our noble spiritual mandate)

Voter Suppression


Rigged Elections part I - earlier posts on Current Events about election fraud and voter suppression. - link posted in 08

Huffington Post's Voting Problems section is excellent. - posted in 08

9-28-12 - PDA Launches BlogTalk Radio - One Nation Protecting the Vote

9-27-12 - Pundit Sarah Silberman on Voter Suppression - an old topic for cuke's Engaged Buddhism/Current Events section -

Censored Version

Clean Version - failed attempt to bleep

DC bright idea -

Rather than fight this evil plot, how about turning it into a way to increase the vote. Have each state be required (with federal funding) to issue every person eligible to vote a card with photo, fingerprint, iris image, etc (backed up on Internet for easy access if it's lost).

Other things to consider -

Instant-runoff voting - which would have solved the Florida 2000 problem.

Make voting mandatory like in Australia (with a None of the Above option)?

Election day a holiday

10-30-08 - Republican voter suppression guide from TPM.

10-27-08 - Seven things that can go wrong on election day - a pretty good job of summarizing the American voting mess by mainstream media - Time/CNN10-25-05 - Obama or McCain? presents both sides - you decide

10-17-08 - Thanks to Shunryu Suzuki disciple Ron Browning for sending the latest on Election Fraud.

Block the Vote by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. & Greg Palast in the current issue (#1064) of Rolling Stone.

The Kennedy-Palast revelations go far beyond the sum of questionably purged voters recently reported by the New York Times.

"Republican operatives - the party's elite commandos of bare-knuckle politics," report Kennedy and Palast, under the cover of fighting fraudulent voting, are "systematically disenfranchising Democrats."

The investigators level a deadly serious charge:

"If Democrats are to win the 2008 election, they must not simply beat McCain at the polls - they must beat him by a margin that exceeds the level of GOP vote tampering."

Kennedy and Palast are releasing, simultaneously with the Rolling Stone investigative report what they call, the vote-theft 'antidote': a 24-page full-color comic book, Steal Back Your Vote, which can be downloaded or obtained in print from their non-partisan website,

For updates and video reports, go to,, and

10-11-08 - Why the GOP Is Nuts About ACORN

ACORN home page

Here's the CBS report on registration purging

Ten ways the McCain/Palin GOP is now stealing the Ohio vote

These reports filed in the Election Fraud department of the CurrentEvents\EngagedBuddhism Section.

10-10-08 - BBC-TV: "Set up to steal it again."
Is 2008 already fixed? - Greg Palast

"A lot of Europeans wonder:  Why are Americans so crazy, they keep reelecting this guy?”  Well the answer is, we don’t!  They keep stealing these elections!  And they stole it in 2000, they stole it in 2004, and they’re all set up to steal it again!" - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on BBC Television Newsnight

Read about ACORN which registers voters and the phony voter fraud case against them so their registrations can be thrown out. Here's a follow up on how the media is buying into it.

10-09-08 - New York Times - States’ Actions to Block Voters Appear Illegal (and they're talking swing states)

10-03-08 - Some links to articles on election fraud

Bush Legacy on Voting Rights

MI Dems Fight Back Against GOP Attempts to Challenge Voters on Foreclosure Lists

MI GOP Official Sues News Website Over 'Lose Your Home Lose Your Vote' Story

Vote-scam fliers target black neighborhoods - Thanks Goeff Matis

10-01-08 - the conspiracy worth your time - election fraud.  Tonight's CBS evening news covers this under-reported subject that most Democrats have been shying away from even though it is costing them elections, like for instance the last two presidential elections. Take  a look at:

New Study Details Massive Voter Roll Purges Underway in At Least 19 States

Brennan Center  for Justice Report on Voter Purges (released today).

Look at past links in the cuke election fraud section.

9-15-08 - Greg Palast on voter suppression

Listen to the report on the Air America Radio's Thom Hartmann

4-14-08 - Who Hijacked the Justice Department to Swing Elections?

3-20-08 - Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

2-05-08 - National Popular Vote - States join forces against electoral college: A piecemeal approach may be the only way to kill the anachronistic institution - Los Angeles Times Editorial.- from last June but appropriate for this election day. Thanks to MK - dc

1-13-08 - More on THE CONSPIRACY WORTH PAYING ATTENTION TO: Here's an article on Alternet on the possibility of tampering in the New Hampshire election, one of a number of concerned articles and posts I've seen recently. How about  Ohio machines still flawed - NYTimes.  And check out this Alternet report on what one Congressman is trying to do about this nationwide problem. These links will go in the Election Fraud section of CurrentEvents\EngagedBuddhism. I know it will upset Buddhists for Rigged Elections but I can't help that. - DC

1-01-08 - Exclusive Interview with Syndicated Columnist Bob Koehler - thanks Gregory

The Next California GOP Attack on Democracy: California's Electoral College Votes - a lot has transpired since this article with it looking like it's dead again but it will be a threat again for sure. - thanks MK

click on thumbnail to enlarge
5-31-07 - Much more juicy light shed recently on the real conspiracy to rig US elections.

from Talking Points Memo:
GOP Voter Fraud Bigwig Complained to White House about Canned U.S. Attorney
Today's Must Read

The gang's all
The Los Angeles Times
looks into why Thomas Heffelfinger, the former U.S. attorney for Minnesota, was targeted for removal and finds circumstantial evidence that Heffelfinger might have made himself a marked man by raising objection to the implementation of a voter ID law in the state.

About the above from today's Mike's blog roundup in Crooks and Liars: You're gonna need a shower after you read this sordid tale of the Republican party's ongoing anti-American dirt baggery. It's been pretty clear for weeks that vote caging is at the heart of the whole US Attorney scandal.

Now read Greg Palast on Monica Googling and vote caging.

And then back to C&L 5/31 - Protect voters’ rights, get fired with the link at the bottom that leads back to Joshua Marshall at TPM with more.

Then there's's The Fraudulent Fraud Squad
The incredible, disappearing American Center for Voting Rights

Or try U. S. ATTORNEYS Efforts to stop `voter fraud' may have curbed legitimate voting By Greg Gordon, McClatchy Newspapers, Posted on Sun, May. 20, 2007 - more about this on - They've got muck. We've got rakes.

Enjoy. That should be enough for today's evidence that there is a full on conspiracy to permanently rig our elections for these looters and scoundrels. - DC

4-24-07 - Rigged Elections continued - Election Fraud (millions) vs. Voter Fraud (24 or so) - the key and mainly disregarded story behind the firing of the attorneys by Gonzales - or so it seems. The conspiracy most worth bringing to light. Conspiracies do happen. People are prosecuted all over our country every day for conspiracy. I suggest we don't dismiss the Republican or Roovian election stealing or voter suppression conspiracy theory too quickly. By claiming that people are trying to vote illegally they push through state laws making it harder to vote thus reducing minority and Democratic votes. They've turned the justice department into a machine to further this scheme and this is the principal reason for the prosecutor firings (and to stop them from going after corrupt Republicans). That's what I hear. Look at it. Do your own research. Think of the consequences of not exposing and stopping it if it is really happening. - DC

Email communication between DC and Taigen Dan Leighton on voter fraud and election suppression.

Truthout dot org - William Rivers Pitt on What Gonzales Really Told Us
Excerpt: There can be little doubt, after yesterday, that Alberto Gonzales was elevated to his position by Bush to affect a political takeover of the Justice Department. The muscular legal arm of federal power became just another tool to establish Karl Rove's dream of a permanent Republican majority in government by disrupting the vote and by obscuring GOP corruption.

LA Times - Low-key office launches high-profile inquiry into Rove
Excerpt: All administrations are political, but this White House has systematically brought electoral concerns to Cabinet agencies in a way unseen previously. For example, Rove and his top aides met each year with presidential appointees throughout the government, using PowerPoint presentations to review polling data and describe high-priority congressional and other campaigns around the country.

World Socialist Web Site Gonzalez before the Senate Judiciary Committee: The Bush clique on life support

Excerpt: Even more seriously, there is evidence that the Bush White House sought to instigate bogus prosecutions of “vote fraud” before both the 2004 and 2006 elections, to intimidate opponents and depress the Democratic vote. Chief White House political aide Karl Rove was said to be preparing an even more ambitious campaign to influence the result of the 2008 presidential election, and wanted to get compliant prosecutors in place. Hence the dismissals in key battleground states like New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Michigan and Arkansas (as well as in northern and southern California). Thanks to Eric Arnow for this.

Greg Palast interviewed on Scoup. Also, check out Greg Palast dot com where there's lots on election fraud vs voter fraud which is being used to steal elections. Palast's book Armed Madhouse comes out in paperback on the 24th of this month and has a new chapter on all this called The Scheme to Swipe 2008. Read Don't Fire Gonzales from his website which talks about how he's just carrying out Rove's plan to suppress democratic votes.

Thom Hartmann is totally onto the centrality of election fraud and voter suppression in the Gonzales firings. Keep up with him on Air America Radio, as well as Hartman's page on Common Dreams dot org, and his own home page - Thom Hartmann dot com.


Email communication between DC and Taigen Dan Leighton on voter fraud and election suppression.

DC to Taigen: I think the William Rivers Pitt article on Gonzales is important. Thom Hartmann has been emphasizing that the attorney firings are about the Republican voter suppression scheme to reduce the number of poor and minority voters by creating the impression that there is a lot of "voter fraud" like people voting twice. The justice dept found 24 cases he said and ignored cases where tens of thousands were denied the right to vote through "election fraud." Election suppression is definitely a Republican strategy. Bobby Kennedy Jr in rolling stone and Greg Palast and Thom Hartmann have claimed that millions of votes were suppressed in 2004. He said that many Republicans want Gonzo out so that this will go away and not be exposed because, he said, once a public official is fired, the investigations tend to stop. They're saying he was incompetent, not criminal. He also said that the Albuquerque Journal is the only paper really into this. Hartmann says that Gonzales said he couldn't fire the attorney in New Mexico unless the president wrote off on it (I guess in an email) and this shows it goes to the top. Chris Mathews and other MSM pundits are saying there's no story here. What are they looking at? Who are they talking to? They never go very far from the stenographers for the White House. Anyway, I think that writings and info on this should be collected. I'd like to beef up my vote fraud section of Current Events with links to stuff on this.

Taigen responds: YES YES YES YES YES

The Gonzales prosecutor firing is completely about the theft of the 2008 election.

By making Gonzales the fall guy and trashing him personally they are diverting attention from the real issue.

Gonzales was just taking orders from Bush and Rove, who would be totally ensconced in Guantanamo if the American so-called "Justice system" wasn't itself a complete criminal fraud.

Greg Palast is totally THE MAN on this. He was on Democracy Now this morning (look it up), and I heard him in person Saturday at the great Global Exchange Green Festival here in Chicago (packed) with Amy Goodman and Jim Hightower speaking after him.

Palast said Saturday the 2008 election has already been stolen by Rove's caging votes of minorities, already arranged, unless these machinations are undone somehow. [Spread the word; engage the outrage.] The new selected prosecutors are there to accomplish this. The fired prosecutors would not go along (even though they were Bush appointed Republicans).

Palast's new expanded edition of his book Armed Madhouse in paperback has info on this. He has info on how 3 million votes of minorities etc. were stolen in 2004.

This includes full data on how the GOP in 2004 voided the votes of virtually all black soldiers sent to Iraq!!! This via sending "do not forward" mailings to black servicemen at their home US bases after they were shipped out, and when the letters were returned, they were used to void the votes sent from Iraq by these soldiers.

Palast has all the documentation on this stuff, including much of the "lost" Rove e-mails.

Peace and Love,


Rigged Elections - earlier posts on Current Events about election fraud and voter suppression.

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