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7-6-17 - Leftovers

7-1-17 - A Conversation

He’s a jerk.

Just say “He’s being jerky.” There is no jerk.

He was a jerk yesterday and he’s a jerk today.

But maybe tomorrow he’ll settle down.

He's eating jerky which proves it.

You’re just saying that because you’re a vegan.

You’re a fool.

If so I’m just foolish.

You’re such an exasperating creature.

There are no creatures.

Then what are they?

Just being.

Oh – they’re beings.

There are no beings. Just being.

Are there no human beings?


Then what am I seeing?

Just humans being.

At least they're being.

Seeming to be being.

So now there's not even being?

I agree it seems like it.

Oh look a ghoul!

He’s not a ghoul, just being ghoulish.

He’ll eat your brains while you’re being foolish.

He’s the walking corpse of the pilgrim Myles

Whose stand was to slaughter Indians and persecute libertarians

But he wasn’t Myles Stand he was Myles Standish