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1-12-05 - Greetings.

Sorry there's been so little new on the site recently. The election took all my time for three month. Sorry - I'll try harder next time. Since then I've been upgrading my systems, organizing, and doing a lot of work outside - like right now I'm putting in a 5,400 gal. water storage tank with pump and pressure tank and lots of new pipe and electrical lines. And I'm broke and have to look for some money so I can continue this work. So I've been working on some new and old writing and thinking about fundraising for the Cucumber Project which is this historical Shunryu Suzuki period stuff. Just go to the 1-05-05 note in Development to read that.

I do have a long, interesting interview almost ready to go up on - a second long one with Niels Holm - go read the 1st Niels Holm interview to prepare for this one. I haven't been able to get hold of Niels to verify and clarify some details so just as soon as I do it'll go up. Return my call, Niels! And then I'll try to follow it with something else that's noteworthy. Until then, all the best - DC

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